Black Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Some of the best weed ive had so far. Completely covered in crystals and a nice smooth taste. It also gets you very high for a long time off a small amount.”

  • “***Bilingual English/Francais*** Now this strain hit hard. not for beginner. Long lasting heavy body high. I use it at night after I am done with anything that needed my attention. I cannot do anything but sit or lay down with this strain. Anxiety killer, Stress Killer, Pain Killer or Sleeping, for me the Widow does it all. I feel it hit stronger than the East Coast Sour Diesel and last longer. I did not experience t...”

  • “wonderful”

  • “This was my first medical marijuana purchase after I got my recommendation. I'm reviewing it a bit late, but hey, whatever. I went right over to THC Care Provider after my appointment, and was anxious to try some Fucking Incredible since you get a free gram your first visit, and I had EXACTLY $33 on me, and saw that they had 1/8s of Black Widow for that price. I had heard good things about it, so I figured I'd try it...”

  • “I found this in Quincy at ermont Inc. This is a great flower for relaxing and sleeping! I don't get overly hungry or anything. I'm in love with this strain!”

  • “Great stuff only down sound is that it sometimes it over comes you and makes you it's bitch. This high makes you stiff like in your movements you feel plasters to the wall, bed, chair- ecstria ( I know it is spelled wrong). It's makes you stay in one position and makes you hear everything, see everything, smell and taste everything. Senses were increased. But it kept me from doing work, or being active or even creat...”

  • “I kept passing over buying this strain from my LP when it was available at $9 per gram because, as per the strain description, I figured it wasn't going to be the best to relieve my medical symptoms. It was reduced to $6 a gram and I thought at that price I would give it a try. I was not disappointed!! This strain is very mellow, relaxing and actually relieved my chronic pain effectively. It is a creeper”

  • “mr. nice's black widow is a wonderful strain. thats why its all over the world under the name white widow. however when mr.nice (creator) left ghsc he co started a company. so what once was white is now is black. and there is a noticeable difference between mr.nice's black and all other whites. and if you smoke them, you'll know. (unless you happen to come across any white widow cuttings, plants, or seeds that wer...”