Blackberry Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lovely strain smelled and tasted more like grapefruit then blackberry but has an excellent high small amounts kept me alert and calm for daily activities while large amounts left me giggling on a porch swing looking at the sunset I'd recommend to anyone Little bit of paranoia my first time smoking it (always happens with my favorites) but after that it was smooth sailing such a great strain”

  • “Wife enjoyed very much,she didn't have to use any painkillers after smoking”

  • “This was a great suggestion from the Compassionate Cannabis Club. Instant energy and uplifting feeling. Smoke was mild (no hacking) with a mild sweet nut flavor. Back pain was reduced or at least I was not thinking about it which is a relief.”

  • “I was in CO on vacation, and stumbled upon Blackberry Dream. This is smooth and tasty and brings an incredible, heady high. Don't let the smoothness and sweet smell fool you. One or two hits are all I needed to do the trick. THC level at about 28%, makes this a long-lasting buzz. I was very productive and BBD made my gardening chores extra special. This made me aware and spacy, at the same time. I am surprised there ...”

  • “Awesome strain for the morning before you go on a nice long walk or hike.”

  • “Smoked this in a joint. Smells lovely! The high was cerebral and it didn’t make me tired but it didn’t last long.”

  • “Has the actual fruity scent which could be blackberries, but could also be blueberries or raspberries, but very good!”

  • “Pretty decent high, didn't last long for me at all unfortunately. It was really dense, felt nice to the touch.”