Blackberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This BlackBerry Indica is the bomb it smells sweet taste great and to get a great couch lock for movies.... I usually take it right before bed and get a good nights sleep it eases my panic and stress levels to where I forget I have anything to worry about. this strain is definitely a top 10 in my home and do not drive or operate any heavy machinery while using this product....”

  • “A wise man once said, "dopest dope i ever smoke".....”

  • “Has a very pleasant physical Indica head high that is not too heavy. Very energetic and happy high from the sativa side yet with no grandiose euphoria: very giggly and innocent kind of high. I'm high right now and everything is making me laugh, hahahaha. Pretty functional and very clear: good for long creative nights! No disruption in short term memory processing or sensory input (must have high CBD). A very unique a...”

  • “Very nice strain. I was able to choose my high: to just ride the high and have fun or to function normally if need be. Pretty dense buds, visually appealing, and light smell pre-smoke. While smoking I definitely felt the head high while it relaxed my body, de-stressed my mind, and made me feel all around better. When riding the high I got hungry, was very relaxed, and just wanted to sleep after a while. When choosing...”

  • “This Indica will take away your pain and leave you couchlocked and stress free. Gives you a nice relaxes, no worries in the world feeling. Great for evening use.”

  • “i have severe (as opposed to mild/medium) sleep apnea. it helps. bought it from Garden of Eden, Castro Valley. pure indica. not to be confused w/ Blackberry Kush.”

  • “Got the strain crossed with OG Chem, it was superb! Super sweet taste and smell, immediate effects in the mind, thick body buzz hangs around longer, about an hour after the sativa begins to slow it's course. A great strain on it's own, but Blackberry Chem OG is one of the best buds I've smoked in over 5 years.”

  • “One of my favorite indica strains! Knocks you off your feet completely into a new experience with yourself. Creative, relaxed, and couch lazy. Best indica to use if you want to end your night with a great baked spiritual, personal, and body high experience. I recommend taking this before bed time to treat yourself after a hard day of work.”