Blockhead Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blockhead is a cross between an unknown strain and Sweet Tooth. I get a really nice, calming head effect with this strain and little in the way of body effects until the comedown, which leaves you a little tired. I find this to be great for night time use. It really helps with de-stressing after a hard day and inability to sleep at night. I would not recommend this strain for any tasks which require full use of...”

  • “Wow. If you have anything to do, steer clear of this. I hit some of this from a bong along with some crazy dank lemon skunk and then vaped some of this blockhead (all with a friend) and holy cow i was flying high as a kite. The smell was almost like a cheese mixed with trainwreck type of smell. It wasn't overly stinky and didn't look out of this world either, but after i smoked it, i was impressed. Elbow and knee pai...”

  • “Good stuff. Makes me feel like a horny Charlie Brown. Relaxing, but not sedating. Zero fucks given.”

  • “Tested this out before bed thinking it would knock me out, it didn't. Instead it brought a calming shroud over my entire body. Definitely a great night time high, makes me legs feel awesome”

  • “This is an amazing strain if grown correctly. From my experience very easy to maintain blochead will always be one of my personal favorites”

  • “Giggly is right. We spent probably a good hour laughing basically devoid of consistent conversation. It delivers tingles throughout your temples in waves to your fingertips and toes. A bong ripper for sure but be ready for it :)”

  • “The warnings about this strain are right on. It's excellent if you want an old-school stone, without thinking of doing too much. I had three pretty small hits off my vape box and a few minutes later I was in the car on my way out (I wasn't driving) and almost wondered if I was in over my head. I survived and had a great time. No paranoia or anxiety, just a nice intense head stone with some good pain-relieving effects...”

  • “Very nice strain if grown correctly. From my experience very easy to grow and it is one of my favorite strains”