Blowfish Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Besides the semi-foul taste, I have nothing but praise for this strain! It's been my go-to, Holy Grail strain for a few months. Great for pain and anxiety and really good for ADHD-ers like me who need a break from racing thoughts. Puts me in a light, happy mood. If you want to sleep, it'll get you there if you decide to go with it, but if you aren't ready to hit the sack, it won't knock you out. This strain lets...”

  • “Definitely one of my favorite indica dominant strains. No paranoia, or headache. It was a nice body high. Usually indicas make me sleepy and blowfish had a great balance of relaxed/giggly. I honestly wish I'd found this strain sooner.”

  • “Iv tried it and I think it is a good mind buzz and makes everything more lite and mellow”

  • “Blowfish left me looking for more, feeling disappointed in the three bowls I packed. Then it hit. The Indica effects pack a nice punch making this a nice strain, but some may want more of a true Indica in place of this hybrid.”

  • “good daytime indica if that makes sense ha! it's a heavy hitter but the sativa in her keeps it from knocking you you feel really relaxed but can work at the same time”

  • “Heavy hitter”

  • “Stony weed that will take you for a mind ride. Full body relaxation thanks to the G13 genetics. The Sativa side sparks creativity in a day dreamish way. A lovely hybrid that leans Indica heavy, recommended for unwinding after a long day. Another happy hour superstar.”