Blowfish Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Heavy hitter”

  • “Iv tried it and I think it is a good mind buzz and makes everything more lite and mellow”

  • “Very mediocre for me. Not in a bad way though....solid and reliable.”

  • “A peppery inhale, with a citrus aftertaste. The high was a creeper. It took about 15 minutes to feel it's full effects. When it hit, it was a very euphoric high. It made me very giggly and forgetful. It was a slow and calming return to normalcy. I enjoyed it. Mr. Saturday Night”

  • “Definitely one of my favorite indica dominant strains. No paranoia, or headache. It was a nice body high. Usually indicas make me sleepy and blowfish had a great balance of relaxed/giggly. I honestly wish I'd found this strain sooner.”

  • “Blowfish left me looking for more, feeling disappointed in the three bowls I packed. Then it hit. The Indica effects pack a nice punch making this a nice strain, but some may want more of a true Indica in place of this hybrid.”

  • “very strange taste like incense. feel lazy and hungry.”