Blue Boy Reviews

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  • “A great cross of Blue Dream productive and creative, with the added Spacey body Buzz. great afternoon video game session with friends strain. definitely happy, and not noticing usual aches and pains. similar vibe to Snoops dream”

  • “i love this strain...a great heady high to be enjoyed all day long or all night long..can work high all night on this wonderful strain. .i strongly recommend”

  • “Very nice flavor, in this cross between Blue Dream and Northern Lights #5. It's sativa dominant, but yet still fairly heavy enough for nighttime use but does not promote drowsiness for the most part. Very nice blue/purple type of smell and flavor with a buzz similar to permafrost. A good hybrid for all around use, with to me what seems to be a bit on the heavier side for a sativa which is what I prefer. In other ...”

  • “@MoaniNaturals #MoaniNaturals #BlueBoy Purchased from @Hwy420 Label: 70% - #Sativa 30% - #Indica #Hybrid #THC - 23.32% #CBD - 0.41% Total: 24.08% There is some other percentages on this label but too difficult to read. Secondly, the packaging says #FatPack which the processors call 1.1 grams a fat pack. WTF? A fat pack is like 1.2 or 1.3 but 1.1?? Really?? I guess that extra weight comes from the terribly ...”

  • “Everyone's problems aren't the same. Everyone has problems just the same. Everyone can't seem to realize, that the problem is in fact in front of them. A reflection of themselves on a mirror. Can't stand to look at yourself So you look to blame some one else. Instead of looking straight a head, you look into your abyss of your soul. You take rip out songs new toy, And to my heart I see a bag of blue boy waiting fo...”

  • “This shit have me the worst anxiety I've literally ever had after smoking. Horrible. Not for me.”

  • “I tried this for stress relief. It was definitely a creeper, but ended up making me even more anxious. Smooth smoke, but not for me.”