Blue Champagne Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blue Champagne is PURE and AMAZING. Its Blue Dream's Rich Cousin and that's what I love :)”

  • “This is definitely a 5 star strain. Unfortunately it is difficult to find. I've been using Blue Champagne to manage pain from back surgery and arthritis for several years and get excellent results. It also has a fresh aroma and smokes smoothly.”

  • “Was high on an indica all day... Took one drag out of this and I was awake and focused again! Love the taste, and the cerebral high from this is just too amazing.”

  • “at a low/moderate dose it puts you in a great mood that, but does so very subtly. it doesn't bring attention to itself, it just does its job! felt very social so maybe good for anxiety.”

  • “WHHHHAT! This is Blue Dream's sister from another mister. Fantastic smell it takes you back to the day you smelt Blue Dream. Flowers resemble its twin but covered in more frosting,and with those light pale orange hairs that's classic to the BD trait. Champagne taste battles BD in your mouth. Until you are left with Mother Earths sweet tears of laughter in your mouth. That something can be just as good its parent, whi...”

  • “If you love Blue Dream, than this is for you! Pretty dense nugs with the just enough sweet aroma tempting even the pickiest patients. The nice crisp smoke leaves a smatter of the champagne at the end. Good medicine for soul and mind!”

  • “Nice upbeat effect, great for anxiety or stress....Enjoyed socially awkward situations without a second thought!”

  • “so so good. do not pass up an opportunity if this comes your way. buy a large amount I Iearned my lesson . only got a quarter and no one in the Bay Area has it right now at least in my initial searches”