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Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Dense thick buds, very well trimmed, very very good Indica Dominant hybrid. Literally like Blueberry tasting GSC. Seemed to help me best with Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, & Spasms. Would definitely give it a 5 star rating. If your looking for a good Indica Hybrid that tastes great, definitely give it a try! I love it, enjoy and happy toking!”

  • “The perfect hybrid. Very good for pain and stress. You can smoke a bowl and still be functional yet it is also good before bed.”

  • “Blue Roots Blue Cookies Flower 21% THC. Flower: absolutely divine. Looks like perfect little frosty Christmas trees with light green and dark blue patches. Covered in orange tendrils. Little bits of purple and trichromes flash in the light. This is top shelf looking High Times cover shoot bud. Smell: Skunk, berry dank. Some hay/fresh cut grass notes Crumble: Perfect. Fluffs when put in a grinder. Premium. Burn: E...”

  • “Got a batch of Blue Cookies. GSC x Blueberry. The smell is very reminicent of its blueberry parent, with a fruity/earthy twist from the GSC. Definetly a flavor strain!A mix of berrys and other fruit and earthy dankness. One of those tastes you will never forget or confuse or compare to another strain. The buds were dense and yellowish green with orange yellow hairs and a coating of thick white trichs. The high was re...”

  • “Excellent strain! As much as I've always enjoyed the different GSC strains, sometimes I find they tend to sway Sativa. Personally I'm a little more partial to Indicas, since I tend to be kind of anxious. So far I'd have to say this was my favorite GSC cross to date. As far as smell, it has that sort of musky/earthy smell that you find in most GSC phenos, with a slight sweetness to it. It tastes excellent, and lo...”

  • “Knocked me squarely on my ass. Take it easy with this one. I smoke at least a bowl or two of whatever I have at the time nightly and religiously for the past 3 years for pain and insomnia, so my tolerance is a bit on the high side. Two hits off my small glass pipe hit me hard after 20 min and I don't remember anything after that because it put me to sleep. I was alert one minute and out the next. It was a little disc...”

  • “Lovely strain. Gives you that blue dream hazy feel after. Smell and taste is remarkable.”

  • “Finally got around to scooping up Blue Cookies here in Michigan. Definitely going to become a regular strain I buy! Great smell (very blueberry) & taste! Nice Indica lean too.”