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Blue Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Horny, happy, relaxed, euphoric, deep breathing feels good. (A++.)”

  • “I just tried this chocolatey tasting leaf for the first time and was able to tell within a very short time that it would become one of my all-time favorites. Slamming head-butt plus great body effects; tingling with pain relief. Relaxed, happy. Possibly the best balance of head and body high I've experienced. Good strain for anxiety and insomnia, but I could easily stay awake if I wanted.”

  • “picked up a few grams cuz it sounded cool. pleasantly surprised at the even distribution between body/head high. not really a day time high, more like a 7pm chill and watch Netflix high”

  • “I actually got a free 1/8 of this strain for signing up with a local delivery club and wow this might be my top three favorite of the "Cookies" strain. It's definitely something that will make you calm and relaxed. Also I must say I'm usually in a lot of pain which I just got use to living with and this strain really helps in relieving all my pain. The smell is fantastic with that blueberry seeping through. I honest...”

  • “Holy you-know-what. This is a good every day, all day strain. I think you can smoke as much as you want of it, and it just takes you deeper and deeper into this ultra-relaxed, euphoric state of clarity. Instead of getting bogged and kind of tweaked by a high dose, it's like there is room to just expand into a more powerful version of a lower dose. Having said that though, this is strong stuff. You WILL fuck up, even ...”

  • “Absolutely the best strain I have ever smoked, when it's real blue cookies, iam in the Bay Area, and it's easy to find it out here since cookies is all over the bay "thank u berner" anyway helps with pain and sleep and a bunch of other things bottom line is this strain is great and I have. Bad hips and it takes A lot of the pain away without taking pain meds, this one is highly recommended”

  • “Absolutely the best!!! Like good old fashion high school weed. This made me so happy and talkative with zero shyness. I had a blast - happy and so creative. But it was a good head and body high. Excellent weed for day time!!! Very active and fun. This was the best weed I ever smoked in my life. Top shelf. Number one, Numero Uno. Top dog, head cheese”

  • “A strain that left me feeling very content and optimistic. Decent for anxiety; not completely sedating but kill anxious feelings and in sum helps feeling just overall "good". For this reason also pretty good for depression”