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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain made me very paranoid and really edgy. I will NOT be getting this again!”

  • “it was excellent exactly like the pictures and the taste is berrysweet!”

  • “exactly like it says as far as the sweet berry taste and the looks+”

  • “This one gave me a good energy boost and had me very focused and productive. It was also smooth and had a nice berry flavor to it. However, the high didn't last as long as I would've liked.”

  • “Really amazing for my insomnia. On nights where I can't sleep at all, this strain totally mellows me out and knocks me out, too. Don't drive much with this strain, a few of my friends have reported dozing at the wheel because it makes them so tired.”

  • “I tried the co2 vape oil cartridge. Decent taste and heady effect.. After some inhaling! I like others better.”

  • “Hybrids will always find weird ways to affect you. This definitely spices things up for the daily stone, it makes me feel so shaky and energized - but it get a lazy slump in my left eye. Awesome for hikes and long days at work”

  • “Heavy, happy head high. Very smiley. Came on strong and tapered quickly. A small amount goes along way!”