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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This stuff as flower is better (in my opinion) than its green counterpart. But this stuff as a crumble!? whoooiiieee! I've been baked before but this stuff is a really clear headed bake. It does fog up your day at all and it keeps your mind active whilst keeping your body stoned. I give this strain as a flower a strong 4.5 and the concentrate a REALLY strong 4.5 (closer to a 5)”

  • “This one is unique, not like trainwreck, but a definite one of a kind smell and taste. The buds are so dense yet airy at the same time. All the nugs are light green with very light orange/blue shimmer. It is exactly like described on Leafly,"50/50" The Blueberry and Green "medicinal/barn-yard" smell is exactly 50/50, it tastes 50/50 with a berry/medicine taste. A light grape/blueberry sativa at first. A little spic...”

  • “I was horribly nauseous all day. Went to the dispensary and got some blue crack. Within minutes of smoking this my nausea was gone. It came back about 6 hours later. I smoked some more and gone again. It's also been helpful with my migraine pain.”

  • “Good but not as good as blue dream, the antidepressant high was not really there”

  • “I cant focus on anything Not a harsh smoke 0-5 this is a 2 on harshness. smoked 4 bowls in 1 hour”

  • “Very potent and borderline hallucinogenic at times”

  • “very nice strain for hybrid lovers, it carries the defining elements of both parents. sweet and berry-like taste and smell. one of those good smoke, good buzz strains. I withhold the 5th star because the after smoke comes with an insane amount of sleepiness, for me at least.”