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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Heavy, happy head high. Very smiley. Came on strong and tapered quickly. A small amount goes along way!”

  • “The particular cut I had was one of the worst I've had. the grower obviously didn't put fourth the effort in truly utilizing the potential of this plant. the herb itself was extremely dry and burned fast. the high was Suttle and lasted only 45 min to an hour. however the flavor profile was surprising of all things considering. a lot of potential with this particular strain.”

  • “this strain is so bomb i smoked it last it..”

  • “Pretty happy hybrid, didn't last long enough though.”

  • “smells sweet/creamy/musky/wood broke it down and BAMM amazing flower/fruit smell smalkl buds with much small stems and kinda airy/non bud weight sticky weed tho, rolling is so ez. best tasty weed. effects are good but not strong enough.”

  • “awesome for day use. really enjoyed this strain.”

  • “Not to potent but just a very great uplifting high, taste great as well”

  • “super hard hitting head high!!!!! whoa! taste great, no cough, sticky......happy. def. a top.”