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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this shits gooooood”

  • “makes me wanna laugh and tell jokes with friends good strain for depression and laziness”

  • “When two top shelf strains mix into a hybrid (Blue Dream and Green Crack) you get Blue Crack. This strain gave me an Intense head high and relaxed my body for the rest of the day. However I did get a headache and some negative effects for a short time.”

  • “Uplifting high that's not too strong. Nice stress relief, even though it's a tiny-bit sedating. I can get a lot done in the day on this. One negative is the effects don't last very long.”

  • “very good taste and uplifting high”

  • “Great daytime and basically anytime bud! Great head high witheuphoric effects, happy,uplifted and good for gym or when getting naughty with your girl! This herb is bomb for f*@-ING! Many a great nights! Enjoy...”

  • “The dense flowers ground up nicely, and it tasted sweet on the inhale and exhale. My muscles immediately relaxed and I felt a wave of euphoria. I'd say this is perfect for people with sleep issues, anxiety and body pains. Definitely a new fave!”

  • “decent sativa”