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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Not to potent but just a very great uplifting high, taste great as well”

  • “super hard hitting head high!!!!! whoa! taste great, no cough, sticky......happy. def. a top.”

  • “great taste and a good balanced feeling.”

  • “Got this for 20 an 1/8th, so I figured it would just be some ok weed. The look and feel of it was of lower quality, however I ended up being very surprised with it. It takes about 10 minutes to kick in, and isnt the most potent stuff out there, with lackluster taste and smell. That being said, the high is great. This stuff is a serious mood lifter. Very rarely do I take moments to smile over nothing, but with this I'...”

  • “I liked it a lot it made me feel really good and uplifted 💕”

  • “This stuff as flower is better (in my opinion) than its green counterpart. But this stuff as a crumble!? whoooiiieee! I've been baked before but this stuff is a really clear headed bake. It does fog up your day at all and it keeps your mind active whilst keeping your body stoned. I give this strain as a flower a strong 4.5 and the concentrate a REALLY strong 4.5 (closer to a 5)”

  • “This one is unique, not like trainwreck, but a definite one of a kind smell and taste. The buds are so dense yet airy at the same time. All the nugs are light green with very light orange/blue shimmer. It is exactly like described on Leafly,"50/50" The Blueberry and Green "medicinal/barn-yard" smell is exactly 50/50, it tastes 50/50 with a berry/medicine taste. A light grape/blueberry sativa at first. A little spic...”

  • “I was horribly nauseous all day. Went to the dispensary and got some blue crack. Within minutes of smoking this my nausea was gone. It came back about 6 hours later. I smoked some more and gone again. It's also been helpful with my migraine pain.”