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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This one gave me a good energy boost and had me very focused and productive. It was also smooth and had a nice berry flavor to it. However, the high didn't last as long as I would've liked.”

  • “Really amazing for my insomnia. On nights where I can't sleep at all, this strain totally mellows me out and knocks me out, too. Don't drive much with this strain, a few of my friends have reported dozing at the wheel because it makes them so tired.”

  • “I tried the co2 vape oil cartridge. Decent taste and heady effect.. After some inhaling! I like others better.”

  • “Hybrids will always find weird ways to affect you. This definitely spices things up for the daily stone, it makes me feel so shaky and energized - but it get a lazy slump in my left eye. Awesome for hikes and long days at work”

  • “Heavy, happy head high. Very smiley. Came on strong and tapered quickly. A small amount goes along way!”

  • “The particular cut I had was one of the worst I've had. the grower obviously didn't put fourth the effort in truly utilizing the potential of this plant. the herb itself was extremely dry and burned fast. the high was Suttle and lasted only 45 min to an hour. however the flavor profile was surprising of all things considering. a lot of potential with this particular strain.”

  • “this strain is so bomb i smoked it last it..”

  • “Pretty happy hybrid, didn't last long enough though.”