Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Great house-cleaning weed. The lack of a serious head-high is actually a plus for me as an MMJ patient and a severe RA sufferer. Makes me more tolerant physically and motivated mentally for tasks around the house and work. If Bob The Builder smoked, this might well be his strain of choice.”

  • “I infused the medicine with coconut oil by slow cooking it in a crock pot for several hours and filtered it through cheese cloth. Turned out beautifully. Took 1/3 cup of the infused oil, mixed it with brownie mix and following instructions on the box turned out a dozen amazing fudge brownies. A brownie and a half resulted in a very mellow high, feeling great, pain free and wonderful through the evening, to bed, s...”

  • “This is my first review, and the first time I've ever had this type of medicine. The Brc smells strong but pleasant, not too harsh at all. I tried vaporizing since I've never smoked before and I liked it. I immediately felt a sense of euphoria and over-all well being. I noticed I felt happy and good and while I was sitting there all warm and fuzzy I noticed the pain was gone. I usually suffer constant knee and c...”

  • “the head rush hits you like a brick wall after the first hit, then u get relaxed and you wanna go do something. I went and partied it was so fun I was almost like floating and then at the end of the buzz which for about 2 to 3 hours I felt tired and jut had the beat night sleep”

  • “Very tasty smooth smoking herb. A great all day smoker with little drowsiness. Non stop smile.”

  • “Very strong, take it easy until you've tested it because it will knock your socks off! Lovely crystal covered buds. Not one of my favorites only because I overdone it as usual. I could see why veteren or heavy smokers would enjoy it though because of it's potency.”

  • “Blue crack. Obvious Blue Dream x Green Crack. Smoked this wake n bake for full effect and was rather disappointed. It left me clear headed and noticeably pain free but the strength just wasn't only lasted like an hour tops and it was a very very weak high. Half way through lunch I was like damn we should of smoked something stronger as it wore off. Blue dream on its own is aight. As well as green crack but...”

  • “Blue Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blue Dream and Green Crack. Blue Crack nugs are light and airy and grind to a beautiful silky powder with a sweet berry smell. Effects range from energetic to chilling out and Blue Crack never disappoints.”