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Blue Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Not what I expected, not at all. In fact I was pleasantly surprised. Upon exhale of the first hit I felt a strrooong head buzz similar to that of headband. The delicious flavor kept me toking and before I knew it the bowl was long gone and I'd leveled up my character a couple dozen times. Ultimate gaming weed. Perfect balance of relaxed and focused. Nice body high that creeps up well after smoking that reminds y...”

  • “6 stars!!! my number 1 favorite strain. The body high is mellow and calm while the heady high is just the right amount of kick.”

  • “It's a all day high. I can still get things done.”

  • “A very nice Sativa dominant hybrid. I felt the head rush of the green crack first. A good Sativa start. And then a mellow creeps in and caps it for me before the Sativa effect can become racy or anxious. I assume this mellow is driven by the blue dream lineage. A solid day time strain.”

  • “Blue Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blue Dream and Green Crack. Blue Crack nugs are light and airy and grind to a beautiful silky powder with a sweet berry smell. Effects range from energetic to chilling out and Blue Crack never disappoints.”

  • “This strain made me very paranoid and really edgy. I will NOT be getting this again!”

  • “it was excellent exactly like the pictures and the taste is berrysweet!”

  • “exactly like it says as far as the sweet berry taste and the looks+”