Blue Dream Reviews - Page 51

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is the best strain I've ever had. Doesn't weigh down my body and it gives me a very creative high that I love. It's a very even balance. Doesn't make me sleepy and it doesn't produce tons of energy.👌”

  • “Ahhh Blue Dream! Vaping it , very quickly turns the pain faucet off. I enjoy its high 2 ways: About 5-7 short ,shallow inhales in two turns for an alert energetic focused feeling with degrees of pain relief lasting about 2 1/2 hours . Or long , hard ,deep inhales in two or three turns for a very stoned , pain- anhilating, high flyin' 4 hours. The former is good for getting tasks done while having an overall sense o...”

  • “Makes me very relaxed. Slowly creeps up on you. Nice mellow body high. Not too foggy in the brain. Pain level has definitely dropped. I have CRPS/RSD in my ankle and leg and Insomnia. This helps me so much.”

  • “This is great for my anxiety. Keeps me alert yet relaxed, and hardly any munchies. The biggest negative effect is super bad dry mouth, but I use some of those halls cough drops to keep it at bay.”

  • “I have severe depression, anyone else who shares this affliction, this is the strain for you. Lasts long, and more than powerful enough to knock off the looming feeling and raise the euphoric ones. My favorite part about this is its clean, zero couchlock and zero burn out, puts you right back to normal with that added euphoria that linger well after you come down. 10/10 again definitely recommending to depression pat...”

  • “Very well balanced strain, great mellowing high without too much couch lock. Blue Dream is one of the strains that I love so much that I get excited if I see hybrids of it.”

  • “Nice chilled high, pleasantly tasty.”

  • “This strain helps with my tremors and seizures. It also gives me cotton mouth and that prevents my drooling.”