Blue Frost Reviews

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  • “I'm a veteran smoker, born and raised in southern Humboldt County, and this is by far my favorite flower. Best smelling, tasting and best high. It's very hard to describe the taste ; but my best description would be blueberry /purple kush/ cheese blend . The high is very nice body high and a powerful "head" high. I recommend this to patients who suffer from depression , pain, anxiety and insomnia to name a few. There...”

  • hi2

    “I'm a sativa person but this is wonderfully indica dominant. Makes me think I should sample more strains of this kind. Just fabulous weed. A blissful evening. I admire breeders who come up with these remarkable strains. We have to appreciate the growers as well. They keep the weed world alive.”

  • “A few months ago, I returned from my non-weed hiatus of at least a decade. Things have definitely changed! I've been exploring various strains to see which works best for me. Blue Frost has light and fluffy buds and a mellow scent. The high doesn't hit instantly, but warms up pretty quickly and about 5-10 minutes later you're on the ride. It's got a very nice mix of mellowness and alertness. You're not zonked out a...”

  • “I'm almost thirty years old. I used to smoke so much marijuana it was about an eighth a day. I tried to get my hands on as many strains as I could try. Then something changed in my brain wiring and I could no longer ingest THC at all without having a terrible paranoid cannabis psychosis (FULL ON! Hallucinosis, delirium, the works...) ... Then about a year ago I developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and now I've go...”

  • “Blue frost is fucking amazing!! Can I love this strain forever? I think I shall! Man I'm so high! And the pain in my neck is feeling much better.. This strain has me walking slowly with a great body high.. I truly don't want to move right now but I need to get up for water .. Cause cotton mouth like a mofo 😂 Umm back to this review Great for pain .. Makes me smile.. Makes me happy Makes me feel sad .. (No i...”

  • “This strain smells amazing. Fruity, herbal, delicious. Vaporizes smoothly. High starts with an immediate burst of euphoria. Good for relaxing without getting sleepy or couchlocked. Nice mood improver; I like to use a little after work while cooking dinner. A good medicine for day or night. Helpful for migraine pain relief. A little bit of dry mouth, depending how much you use, but not bad. Highly recommend!”

  • “Pretty impressive for a strain I picked up @ Bloom Dispensary in Phoenix, I never think too much of any strain I pick up from there. Nice smell & taste. Good day time smoke.”

  • “amazing for ptsd cronic pain and just to unwind during an afternoon. kind of taste like blueberry cheese & hints of pepper and spice love it it is my new favorite”