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Blue Galaxy

4.8| 9 Reviews

What is Blue Galaxy?

Blue Galaxy is a classic combo of Middle Eastern genetics bred for their potency and resin production. With Afghani and Hashplant Haze parentage, this strain imbues the consumer with a metric ton of muscular weight and a hazy but pleasant mental state. Anticipate earthy aromas with latent sweetness. Blue Galaxy is ideal for combating insomnia, chronic pain, and nausea.


Where to Buy Blue Galaxy

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Blue Galaxy Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Blue Galaxy Genetics and Grow Info

Blue Galaxy Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Berry
  • 3. Tropical

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“One of the ABSOLUTE best I've had so far. I would get stuck on a few thoughts and that resulted in instant, constant laughing! But I felt amazing and famished after! 5 STARS from me!”

Most Recent

“Excellent strain. Incredibly unique visual aesthetic, dark hues of blue/purple doused in white tricomes with bright orange hairs. The smell is equally unique. Has a strong Berry/Candy like smell, the sweet notes are so overwhelming it almost doesn’t smell like cannabis. The bud is incredibly consistent when broken down, almost sticks back together even though it’s fairly dry. The smoke itself is very light and smoo...”