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Blue Jay Way Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I like this strain though I've only tried it from Absolute Xtracts vape cartridge. The flavor is fresh and piney. Maybe a little grassy or hoppy too? I think it's smells a little like a fresh hop beer (which I like). I didn't notice any blueberry or sweetness, so I wonder if the genetics are correct in this entry for what I purchased in concentrate? Actually if I think about blueberry when hitting the vape, I think I...”

  • “Sense i see noone has made a review on this strain i thought i might help out. This strain is a good cbd strain giving you a full relaxing body high and a tiny head high this is a indica dominant so it does help you sleep but if needed you can get things done consuming it. It has a great blueberry smell and taste on the exhale i really like this cbd strain thanks to naccc being able to provide me with great cbd strai...”

  • “This strain is definitely one for those who suffer from anxiety. Whenever I find myself stuck in a negative headspace, a couple of rips off of the vape will gracefully float me out of it.”

  • “I have this as a vape cartridge and for me, this is the perfect "dad weed." No anxiety or overly stone-y feeling. Just clean, relaxing, positive head high and great for easing body and headaches. Big fan.”

  • “Vape this before bed, totally relaxes me and makes me sleepy. Works pretty good, I no longer need to take a Lunesta sleeping pill.”

  • “Best for driving high. You’ll enjoy good music and positive vibes through out”

  • “Really nice strain. Nice and mellow high that made me feel like relaxing. Got it from C.C. and it was only 10 a gram. I'm sure when they get a 15 to 17 a gram batch it would probably couch lock me.”