Blue Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🍓🌲 Blue Kush is a prime example of everything a good sativa-dominant hybrid should be. The smell and taste is fantastic, with strong flavors of pine, lemon and sweet berry immediately flooding the senses. I had high expectations set for this strain, as it came highly recommended to me by more than one person. They were exceeded. The initial feeling is an uplifting relief, quite relaxing, while the euphoria slowly c...”

  • “Ok so this is technically the second review because the first time I smoked it, I got so high I forgot I was reviewing a strain. That's how fucked up this strain is.”

  • “I love it, it's been making me feel so happy and made me want to go out and be productive. Not like some that just put me on the couch and make me eat the kitchen.”

  • “The first thing I noticed about this particular strain is its enticing blueberry aroma. Its smells exactly fresh bought blueberries with no skunky side smell (Possibly a good strain to travel with.). The high can be described as being "open " and "happy" accompanied with the feeling of a wandering mind. Great for celebrations or festivities. And lastly, its a easy high to grasp even if you happened to be a seasoned t...”

  • “Do you have multiple sclerosis or know anyone who has it? look no further. I have MS and I have been trying a lot of different strains to cope with the MS bullshit. Eureka, I have finally found it. I strongly, anecdotally believe that this strain has the perfect genome for mood enhancement, muscle relaxation and sleep. Believe me (in Trump's voice), this is what every MSer dreams of. Ihighly recommend it.”

  • “Another classic. Good to smoke while cooking food.”

  • “The smell, the taste, and the super smooth smoke make Blue Kush one of my favorites. This bud is a great social smoke and is perfect with a good dinner. Grab a glass of whatever sounds good and enjoy. Von.”

  • “Delayed high. But when the high hits it's very strong and for a very long period of time. Had a migraine , smoked it and it completely stopped.”