Blue Magoo Reviews

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  • “Blue Magoo is actually a cross between Blueberry, Major League Bud, and Afgoo..The original magoo grower used to by my Ommp grower. The original strain comes from Portland, Oregon.”

  • “Smoked a bowl in the shower while groovin out to some funky jams. Very unique smell and taste, fruity and delicious! Over all an amazing high. I was stimulated, giggly, and happy beyond belief. Helped loads for muscular and bone pain relief in my legs, all aching gone and a great time to boot! I was easily active but no anxiety at all. A comfortable, pain and anxiety free time.”

  • “Migraine pain 4-5; nausea 6-7 when I medicated round 2200 or so? Takes bout 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (a must for me). Head high energetic; definitely a daytime med. Body high very nice; just what I needed. Got a kick outta the tight buds & red hairs; high quality for sure. Almost couldn't go to sleep but did manage to pass out round midnight or so. Highly recommend for daytime use...”

  • “Blue Magoo looks and smells outstanding. The description on leafly is spot on, so I do not know what else to add other than to say Blue Magoo leans on the indica side of things. It is also worth noting that I did not get the munchies while medicating and it wasn't overly harsh, which is a welcome change from some of the harsh and heavy indicas I have been coming across lately. Overall 9.5/10. This strain also regular...”

  • “This is by FAR the best Blue Magoo around!! A super strong williams wonder phono it produced red/pink hues on the flowers! SOO DANK!! UGH! This dispensary had quality meds and SUPER NICE people working there! They're mad friendly and always willing to go the extra mile for every patient. They seem to know every patient by name which is amazing!”

  • “Strain: Blue Magoo (DJ Short’s Blueberry / Major League Bud [Willy’s Wonder F2] cross -- Hybrid) THC: 25.68% CBD: 0.96% Location found: Slabtown Cannabis Proprietors Date purchased: 5.4.16 Price: $10.00/g Weight: 1.0g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: The Afghani background reigns true over the Blueberry to me. It is a complex and pungent combination that has that morning dew off of a fresh gr...”

  • “This strain has amazing bud structure and crystals. Very fluffy nugs and a good clean smoke ... Heavy on the head....”

  • “I've suffered from true migraines since I was a child (for over 40 years) and I've recently come to MMJ for relief because I can't stand the prescriptions and I can't have caffeine (which works great for migraines but I'm allergic to). I researched and researched and decided to make Blue Magoo my first try. When I was younger I smoked a lot for recreation, but I'm way past that, so I'm truly looking for pain relief....”