Blue Moon Rocks Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Moonrocks hit hard and even. it's a great relaxant and it definitely brings on the giggles. I love this one for creativity, too.”

  • “This hybrid has an entirely indica based high, making you feel like passing out in seconds. It will make you feel like your on another planet, a planet with more gravitational pull making you feel heavy. The flavor is a sweet skunk taste with a little aftertaste hint of berry. unbelievably good 4.5/5”

  • “"Am I dead? WTF? Who's house is this?? Why isn't my mouth working!!!?" These are some of the things I was thinking while high on this nectar of the gods while sitting at home. I kept thinking I was melting into my leather recliner and had to keep pushing myself up to keep from falling but my arms weren't working. I ended up grabbing my broom and layed it across my lap so the stick was laying over the arms where I...”

  • “Highly recommend blue moon rocks for its sweet, flowery, blueberry-fruity aroma and taste, and it's extremely relaxing high. All anxiety is soothed and happiness becomes intense after using BMR. Cannot go wrong with this heavily indica strain.”

  • “very strong and potent strain. heavy body high, and head high.can also fall into an energetic state. great strain for sitting around in the house,or late night use.This strain is definitely not for beginners”

  • “This is indica dominant? Really... to me it seemed a lot more sativa dominant. The mind high was incredible and happy. While I didn't really feel like being active, I didn't feel the heavy body effects either. Over all a quite good flower and I would not hesitate to try this again.”

  • “(Blueberry indica x haze) x (afghani kush) paired with BOG's Bubblegum. Fruity, sweet and refreshing it smells like sweet blueberries and chewing gum. My batch was lab rated at 29% thc and .30 cbd. High is ethereal and approachable. Kind of electric and slushy. Classy buzz and nice flavor I would recommend this.”

  • “Amazing!!!! High Sativa and glorious taste!!!”