Blue OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Blue OG gives early hints of a sickeningly-sweet scent of diluted jet fuel that turns into robust growth with progressive skunk undertones the further into flowering you go. After 8 weeks of flowering, Blue OG can be cut and put into curing. If you can go 9-10 weeks of flowering, the plant will continue to grow and amaze you with its late growth. Blue OG has a deep sea-green color to its buds once broken apart, which...”

  • “Unbelievable strain absolutely one of the best strains I have smoked totally top shelf; great smell, very blueberry smell very sweet citrusy with a hint of hash from the OG KUSH. Taste is about the same as the smell citrusy blueberry defiantly sweet a hint of hash. Very smooth burns very clean when grown organically and flushed adequately. Very easy to clone grows very quickly huge side branch buds if trimmed properl...”

  • “Blue OG is a very niche strain in that it is a hybrid but it feels like a pure, strong indica. I go to class high most of the time and the weed I smoke before usually doesn't matter, but this stuff will knock you on your ass. Don't plan on doing anything for at least 4 hours. Great before bed.”

  • “This is a serious creeper so go slow. The full effects didn't kick in for almost an hour and the high lasted a LONG time. Blue OG is an indica dominant hybrid. It smells fruity and tastes fruity. It's a really smooth smoke with just a touch of OG flavor to it but mostly fruity. The weird thing (and by weird I mean totally awesome) was the high. I tried this on a pain level day of 9 (which means I was nauseous/vomiti...”

  • “This shit hit me like lightening. I haven't seen bud grown this well in too many years. Not sure about others, but this strain was awesome. I give all thanks to the grower who took the time to do this one right. Shit is heavy. Smoke a lot and you will be taking a nap.”

  • “Vaporizes nice and smooth. Hits you quickly with a mellow heavy body buzz. Decent strain for day or night.”

  • “Blue OG: for me, this was a vibrant and sharp ride of dualistic worlds where I would feel happy, light, creative mind's eye, and then if I relaxed into it, then I would feel it change like a light switch, flip, heavy-limbed, relaxed, and soft into the floor. Switching back and forth every 5-15 minutes for a great 2 hour trip. I would like to try this one with a giant blank canvas in front of me, lots of paint, and al...”

  • “This strain was produced by the Wasatch Seed Co by selecting a male Bubba OG, (pre bubba 98 x Og kush) x ( bubba kush) and a very potent fragrant Blueberry female to create this flower that looks like it was dipped in sugar. A very high calyx to leaf ratio, medium yields indoor and large outdoor and grows just like a christmas tree. Users cannot get enough of this flower constantly wanting more and loving the fruity ...”