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Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is in my top 5 strains to put in a vaporizer. really phenomenal”

  • “Blue Rhino is by far my favorite strain to grow as it performs strongly in all growth stages and produces perfect, swollen buds with minimal leaves (even a quick trim leaves the flowers in a beautifully photogenic state) and TONS of trichomes. Needs a lot of nutes but they finish flowering in about 8-9 weeks, and are best harvested when most of the trichomes have turned amber to really bring out the indica-dominant g...”

  • “I enjoy this strain. The high is the best of both worlds. You feel focused enough for tasks that require cognitive resources, yet you feel uplifted. I was smoking other strains the night I tried this, but felt instantly higher when I added Blue Rhino to the equation.”

  • “Slowest veg plant of all time. And I use toot accelerator from house and garden....don't waste your time growing this one, slow poke should be the name.”

  • “This is A very good quality newer strain try it out its fruity and long lasting.”

  • “This strain is like no other, this strain is my personal favorite for a good night sleep with hella munchies. Definitely worth my money.”

  • “Amazing strain definitely want more of this”

  • “More of a head high than anything. A decent all around lift. I've been trying anything with "blue" in it after trying Blue Haze and liking it a lot. I suppose I could have stopped there once I found one I was happy with. But I've only tried a few others and want to find the perfect hybrid before I look for an Indica dominant flower.”