Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love this strain. Literally had me stuck, eyes closed, relaxing. Taste great too. Really smooth. Fire🔥🍃🍁”

  • “Good spongy nugs that are easy to roll with. Got me high.”

  • “Great strain. Very nice berry taste. Very smooth vaping the concentrate. The buzz is very euphoric and relaxing. Love it at bedtime, great for insomnia, calms the mind effectively.”

  • “smoked a couple bowls with my friends. half an hour later was laying on a chair, forgot how I got there. put food all around me, turned off the lights, closed my eyes, and listened to 'Amber' by 311. went to a different fucking dimension. would highly recommend.”

  • “Very good taste and thick bud.”

  • “This is a very balanced buzz and the concentrate and evergreen patient network is super clear and super tasty. You would think this rhino was grass fed and angus branded choice cut. Delicious !”

  • “Evergreen patient network have done it again this concentrate is no less than dynamite I hobbled in today after a painful morning today and blue rhino knocked the pain right out. GreT new strain!”

  • “This strain gives me a very stoney and floaty high. Good combination of mind and body effects.”