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Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My "go-to" for when I'm chilling with friends. Blues always make me feel relaxed and comfortable without disorienting or causing me to fade in and out of reality: I'm able to keep up intelligent conversations with friends without being a buzz-kill. Definitely my favorite for the occasion.”

  • “I vape several times a day for pain relief and like to try as many strains as possible, I picked up blue rhino as I've been told it's quite potent and has a fruity flavour. I've had it for a few days now and I'm impressed.. Flavour is wonderful, slight fruity flavour and hits very smooth, aroma had a slight skunky scent.. It's not the strongest strain but will pack a punch for those who don't smoke daily.. I do find ...”

  • “very dark color, with some red and has a good body feel”

  • “I just got a tupperware container full of (6) 8" spears of bluish-green Blue Rhino from non other then Humboldt Locals garden... These girls have been growing for 10 months and finally got the chop in mid-September... Outdoor, this girl can really express herself. Not only are the buds beautiful with that baby blue and light green color, but they also smell amazing...The smell is very skunky and sweet...EarthSkunk ...”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains so far.”

  • “Was dank af”

  • “This is in my top 5 strains to put in a vaporizer. really phenomenal”

  • “Blue Rhino is by far my favorite strain to grow as it performs strongly in all growth stages and produces perfect, swollen buds with minimal leaves (even a quick trim leaves the flowers in a beautifully photogenic state) and TONS of trichomes. Needs a lot of nutes but they finish flowering in about 8-9 weeks, and are best harvested when most of the trichomes have turned amber to really bring out the indica-dominant g...”