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Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is utterly beautiful. I've been suffering with awful back pain round the clock and I'm not kidding when I say.. after one hit I felt a numbing relief go right to my back and then everywhere all over. I also suffer from neck and shoulder pain and migraines..”

  • “great looking, red hairs like crazy! smooth taste and relaxed high.”

  • “4/5 Blue Rhino's Skunk genetics show on this one, Dark leaves, light buds, hashy farty smell. Broken up reveals its blueberry tastes, background, and feeling: Body high with uplifting head boost. Taste can be a little better, and I found this strain isn't going to last the longest, but great for media lovers that want a good strain to enjoy their tunes or shows and not be put to sleep.”

  • “Smell, taste, and bud aesthetics great!! Nice berry aroma.”

  • “Decent strain it hellos me sleep well.”

  • “This is some bomb weed.”

  • “This is by far one of the best strains I've had! The effects are felt within 3 minutes and it's a balanced and steady high.”

  • “Good before bed, not so much during the day you have to smoke more than usual to get high.”