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Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing strain definitely want more of this”

  • “More of a head high than anything. A decent all around lift. I've been trying anything with "blue" in it after trying Blue Haze and liking it a lot. I suppose I could have stopped there once I found one I was happy with. But I've only tried a few others and want to find the perfect hybrid before I look for an Indica dominant flower.”

  • “really good! got me through the rest of my day!”

  • “So smooth and tasty, it has a very sweet berry flavor doesn't make you cough too bad ! Very light colored crystally buds with a light blueish tint to it. The nugs are always nice and dense. Love the feeling of smoking or vaping it after a good work out. Relaxes my body and mind !”

  • “This strains dank, it smells like blueberries and is straight up fire the nugs are good size too”

  • “How can I get some”

  • “Great hybrid-sativa definitely fell in love with the smells and taste! I felt so upbeat after smoking blue rhino.”