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Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got just 1/4 12% THC trim from Herbalnation for $25; Natural Mystic!!! More potent than expected. Relaxing without being sedating and helps me focus, zero anxiety or paranoia! A new favorite for sure :)”

  • “Tingly and relaxing but good for a dày time nap in a hammock or a late night bubblebath.”

  • “Purchased as a wax that came in at 58%. Pretty good taste and definitely got me high. Nothing else was terribly remarkable.”

  • “blue rhino to me is a hit or miss. Blue rhino was the first strain i had smoked after a month and half of being clean. I got a pre rolled joint from the dispensary and shared half with my girlfriend who has also been clean for about 6 months. After burning half we felt completely nothing and just stored the rest for another time. The next day we decided to burn the rest, after a few good hits we finally started to f...”

  • “Begins with an amazing cerebral rush that allows you to venture into the depths of your mind and view the world through your 3rd eye. Gradually sedates your body as it soothes you into a relaxing state to rest your head. Then you sleep like a baby.”

  • “Very well balanced strain. It works wonders for my anxiety with its slightly sedative effects while still maintaining a euphoric state that allows for a uplifting and happy attitude. I honestly notice more skunkyness than sweet smell and taste, but overall, its still good!”

  • “Fairly dense buds, nice skunk smell, and burns nice and slow.”