Blue Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I rate this strain so high because it does what I need it to do medically. Yes, the buzz is nice (often essential), but that's not why I take this strain. If I want to get baked I choose something specifically for that (ah, the variety of growing your own in addition to sampling what the collectives have...what a life!). BR allows me to be completely focused, lightly buzzed, incredibly creative and energetic. I usual...”

  • “This strain is like no other, this strain is my personal favorite for a good night sleep with hella munchies. Definitely worth my money.”

  • “Five years from now, we'll have a Jeffrey with Jeffrey and listen to lcd Soundsystem”

  • “It is a very strong, focused, cerebral high. The smell alone is enough to be intrigued by this fruity flower. With a "Haze" hangover, I find that this bud is best for early evening use. I would highly recommend this flower. Hope this helps fellow leafers.”

  • “A lovely Blueberry + White Rhino Cross, Beautiful light green, crystal covered buds with spots of purple. It has an amazing sweet skunk scent, with a definite blueberry aroma. The buds drop plenty of kief!”

  • “Very great strain, not as strong...really great dro.”

  • “Very good dro at the very least. Blue Rhino is an excellent choice for any night. Whether you want to go out and hang with friends or sit at home and vibe, this strain will definitely allow you to enjoy yourself.”

  • “Just tried this strain today, was very surprised with how potent yet gentle it is. It's like taking a warm shower for your brain, very pleasant. Makes me feel dreamy but not couch locked. I really liked it. Big buds and flowers, too.”