Blue Thai Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you like light, mild hybrids, Blue Thai is the strain for you. Well-balanced and pretty middle of the road, this strain doesn't favor one effect over another. The mental component was clear-headed and present; awake and engaged. Physically, Blue Thai provided a light buzz without being heavy or couch-locked. Great for the middle-of-the-day smoke session, this strain is a solid choice for gaining some momentum o...”

  • “My new favorite! Kief all of my fingers. GREAT smell and taste. Floored me, and I have a huge tolerance. I don't know why everyone calls this one weak.. I got some at 21 %thc and 0.04 cbd. Great mind and body high.”

  • “Just what I need out of a strain. A mild body buzz with a good head high. One of my favorites it will be a staple in my household.”

  • “Great taste, curb appeal, and overall high; very active body feeling with; great clear critical thinking!”

  • “Nothing real special about this one. Real mellow buzz. Taste good , easy to smoke. Good for a wake n bake , if you have a choice get something else.”

  • “Great taste and seems to provide the right balance of feeling relax while being able to continue daily task”