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Blue Treat Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nugs are dense like DutchTreat is, you get the flavor of Dutch as well with a little Blueberry! No surprise! Nice head high that settles into a body high after a few minutes (compliments of the blueberry) I slept like a champ.”

  • “After experiencing some awful anxiety, I vaped a bowl. I usually vape a couple bowls to medicate myself, but I totally forgot about my second bowl with this strain. 😝 It's a great for anxiety, The high feels very balanced. A top shelf Hybrid in my opinion. 👌”

  • “I live with chronic pain and this strain works great and I didnt get couch lock. the flavor was great.”

  • “This so far is my favorite! Blue Treat is the first strain that has helped with pain. I do NOT get couch lock. I sleep incredibly when I do go to sleep. Helps with my stress, and anxiety. All of it!!”

  • “The two most amazing strains make a happy, uplifting, wonderful high!”

  • “Damn! Tastes like it sounds! I can't feel my face!”

  • “Shits good. It's not super stony, but it's not mexican dirt weed. Gives you a decent high you can still get out and work or do stuff.”