Blue Velvet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gentle high. If this were foundation, it would be Wet n wild brand... aka no build-able coverage. I can't seem to get high enough with this flower, but... not too bad TBH. Would buy again, but full disclosure; I've never NOT said that.”

  • “The taste is incredible..”

  • “Positively yummy”

  • “This strain is positively delish. Yes. "Delish." Never in my life had I used this word until popping open a bottle of this stuff, and now I feel that is the only word that really does it justice. The berry sweet smells and tastes amazing and I love the high. Very chill, no anxiety whatsoever (which hybrids tend to stir up in my body) and very smooth smoke. I do have to dock one star because it's taken more hits of th...”

  • “Took a big ol' rip of this stuff right here and boy I dont lie to you when i say this stuff crazy. I was sitting on the toilet contemplating life and things i did in the past it was so intense. Then continued to sit down and hold onto the toilet for dear life. Left the trap then knocked out in my bed. 11/10”

  • “A high that’s hard to put your finger on. It’s elusive as you’re trying to think about it. Or...that says something of the cognitive abilities it evokes. Mostly a soft and cloudy head space that makes it a struggle to think. You’ll want to just relax and engage with something. It’s got a gentle, rosy disposition that’s pleasant and smiley. Though, it’s pretty low-key and physically draining. A more peaceful high with...”

  • “this dose not feel like a 50/50 I'm ready for a nap now. it has a wonderful taste and smell just hate how sleep I'm feeling. It's good for night time if you need help going to sleep.”

  • “A not half bad strain for mornings for me from Dutch Seed Passion the mix of Oaxaca Gold x Chocolate Tallahassee fits my Chocolate craving mornings already spicy enough from the Dagoba Xocolat with chilies and dark cacao I have every morning as a great Wake and Bake aid. This fun strain is very productive for this guy ! Almost euphorical in nature.”