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Blue Venom Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “2nd Strongest bud I've had after Solstice's The White and Freak UV Nature's The White. #Seattle/Tacoma I got mines from Seattles Finest at NWCM in White Center (ratcity). Just put it like this...Narcotics. That's the only way I can describe the eurphoria. A dizzying sensational head high with a spaced out stuck on stupid, swear your in deep thought, nodding off, lay ya down, get back up again and raid the fridge, I'm...”

  • “This is a G13 Labs Strain that I received as a freebie and grew and I have to say it was an excellent strain..I am more a Sativa smoker but this Indica cross of Blueberry and White Widow was an excellent cross..the plant was a typical short indica, but the the Calyxes turned a pretty violet blue color..smoke was really smooth and the high was just right..not to strong..more of a nice hangover from what I ...”

  • “I take your time seriously, so I only write about 5 Star medicine, and Blue Venom makes the cut into this elite group. The bud structure resembles White Widow in that the bus are tight and conical, with white crystals sparkling throughout their little bodies. I can feel the soaring White Widow effects, too, but with a refreshing Blueberry aftertaste that is both sweet and soothing. I've only taken three hits, and tha...”

  • “This strain is the best strain I've smoked yet honestly. When i first got my hands on it I was very satisfied with the way it looked, real leafy and crystaly with a wonderful piney scent to it. This strain has beautiful orange hairs with a light tent green and a darker green nugs. It smokes like a dream, smooth and tastes so lovely. The high is perfect. A mix between sativia and indica. Put me to sleep like a baby, b...”

  • “This strain is good to smoke when you are feeling tired or down. It makes you feel alive and energetic.”

  • “Obtained at Altai Mountain Organics in the NW Cannabis Market in Seattle. This strain has a great sweetish smell, with the typical Blueberry distinctiveness. White Widow comes through as relaxation gently settles. For a fast, relaxing smoke, this will take worries and pain away, without knocking you out.”

  • “it helps alot on my stomach almost as an anti-acid and a sleep aid.”

  • “Be careful newbies this will give your chest some pressure and you will feel very energetic..”