Blue Widow Reviews

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  • “I have debilitating neuropathic pain in my hands and feet from an emergency medical drug called Levophed. I am facing digital amputations as probable for my future. My experience with Blue Widow is that it is THE MOST EFFECTIVE PAIN KILLER for neuropathy ("false nerve pain") of any cannabis strain. And it does not make me clumsy as do most Indicas. This is my new favorite, hands down.”

  • “A lot of people get it wrong with this strain. I've been growing dinafem for 2 years now, when u find the better pheno types and genetics this is my favorite strain. Close to 2 pounds per light. Very very dense super frosted buds any where from a gram to 10 grams per bud Dry. Amazing bag appeal and smell, purple and blues tips and hues. All my fan leaves turn dark purple with black and yellow. This strain is one of t...”

  • “I have a creative job with chronic pain. I was happily able to run my company, move my neck and shoulder and last through meetings. I didn't experience dry mouth at all compared to other high end strains. Compact buds, very slow burning. Had to re-light a couple times, but I liked that because I'm a slow smoker. Overall, best strain I've tried. Fruity, but still grounded and earthy. Perfect mix of energetic functio...”

  • “Blueberry Widow is a cross between Blueberry x White Widow. The bud has a dense green glossy look, covered in THC. A hint of dark blue inside and outside the bud. The smell is filled with sweet blueberry, and fills the whole room in seconds with its aroma. Helps for insomnia, and stress. Recommend bringing a friend if you want to experience a pain free lifestyle!”

  • “It's a smooth strain. It's good with a vaporizer or a water pipe. The positive effects last about 4 hours on a teaspoon size hit. I assume this will depend on how often you use it though. It will make you very hungry though, so keep a bottle of water or hard candy around to help with the food cravings. I suffer from chronic migraines and have to use a medicine injector to get rid of them. Once I started smoking t...”

  • “Buds have a thick brown hair. Not particularly amazing bag appeal: very fluffy, trichomes aren't visibly thick. However the smell is amazing. The dispensary I obtained this from boasted the genetics of Blueberry X White Widow, and it's certainly in the smell. A sweet earthy tang can be smelled when opening the jar. When busted up there an explosion of sweetness that carries all the way through to the 3rd vape draw. I...”

  • “Super-long hairs on the bud I got. Had a soft, almost fuzzy appearance. My grinder reeked after I ground this up in it. Had a dirty, sour taste while hitting, and reminded me of food afterwards. Reluctant to catch a flame and burn - wanted to curl out of the bowl when I was smoking it. Very heavy upper-body high, but still able to focus on tasks. Helped reduce my anxiety, but came with some couch-lock. I found myself...”

  • “It smokes wonderful, very smooth in the throat, and the flavour is pretty sweet, but not too sweet. The high is also very nice. It's like everything around you is super bright and colorful. I would highly recommend this.”