Blueberry AK Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just got this today and am Paxing it as I write. The flavor is great. Very fruity and smooth on the inhale/exhale. It seems to be a perfect hybrid. Normally I like heavy couch lock indicas but I am enjoying it's upbeat yet sedative effect. Nausea, stomach issues have been eased away by this comforting strain. Good for outdoors as well.”

  • “I thought I liked ak47 too much to go for blueberry ak, but I found this was perfect for focus while remaining relaxed. no anxiety. will get again in the future.”

  • “Simply amazing . beautiful tight buds , the smell is overwhelming and it tastes sooooo good . 5 stars . 👌”

  • “This strain is ace, knocked me straight on my ass. It has quickly become one of my favorites because of its ability to get me zooted every time. I use it at the beach and at night for a chill time. I highly recommend this strain to anybody who loves a good couch lock and some Netflix with snacks.”

  • “Very Tasty and affective strain. Feel the affects within 3 hits;)”

  • “It's one of my favourites”

  • “Amazing strain one of the best I've ever tried smells like hash every time it's first lit love it !!!!!!”