Blueberry Diesel Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Picked up an 1/8th at Bloom because they didn't have the strain I wanted originally. This strain is KILLER! The Blueberry influences are heavy as you can tell by how the nugs smell. Strong smell of Blueberries, even through a glass nug jar. The smoke was smooth and expansive and a strong blueberry aroma on the exhale. The Diesel lineage is noticeable by the strong sativa effects. The body high becomes noticeable abou...”

  • “This strain is extremely wild! I dropped into a separate dimension, and forgot where I was. Mild body high, consisting of cold chrystals forming under the skin. Everything felt like an adventure. Very very fun strain!”

  • “Blueberry x Sour Diesel. Strong Blueberry Smell, fresh Effects tend to be happy and relaxing but not too overwhelming. Exactly that, if you're looking for a perfect cross blend with good flavor and aroma, it's perfect!”

  • “Took me 27 yrs to try weed. Been trying as many different strains as I can get my hands on basically nonstop for the past 7 months. That being said; blueberry diesel is one of my favorites. Potent head high that seems to last a good amount of time, along with a nice body high. Definitely smoke too much, and it's gunna leave u "stuck" and feeling a bit lethargic. Gave me the munchies heavy! Nice, big hairy nugs. Broke...”

  • “I loved the way this made me feel. It put me straight in a "feel good" mood. It's the perfect blend of head and body high. I blasted some jazzy-euphoric type music while I enjoyed this blunt. It just makes you feel at ease. I consider myself a light smoker and I'm usually done with 2-3 good pulls but with this, I smoked about half of the cone. I did take it slow though, because I was warned of how strong it can be if...”

  • “When I smoked this new strand of marijuana, by golly I was, what the people in the the biz refer to, as "high". Gosh darn-it I was so ecstatic that I called Constance down, and said that she should partake in this glorious cannabis.”

  • “Smells very sweet especially when you crack a nugg get a nice whiff of blueberries. The taste and smell when smoked however isnt what you'd expect. More of a strong earthy taste and skunky smell.”

  • “Great Bud mate definitely offer to some lads in Sydney, Australia 🙌👌”