Blueberry Essence Reviews

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  • “This is a great strain for CBD. I was a newbie when I first tried it, and very wary of weed due to a few bad anxiety attack experiences with with the few other strains I tried before. A friend told me CBD would help cure that problem, and man did it ever. If you get anxiety attacks smoking weed, try this and you'll fall in love. As my skills of cannabis consumption improved, I went to taking one hit of this before tr...”

  • “I am not new to using cannabis but I have always had trouble with anxiety and sleep disturbance when using. Eventually I found strains that produced little anxiety but I still had trouble sleeping. Blueberry Essence is by far the most mellow strain I have ever used. I don't have any anxiety, I can focus just fine on movies or reading, and afterwards I can fall asleep regularly. Highly recommended for beginners or peo...”

  • USA

    “Tried this strain at 13% CBD, 10% THC and it was great. Have used mostly in the evening, CBD effects are superb, definitely will keep my eye out for this stuff.”

  • “if you are prone to anxiety or panic attacks in general or due to high powered strains but still enjoy smoking this stuff is for you. I am a seasoned toker, so I like the heavy indica but my boyfriend isn't, and this stuff was great for him. light taste, light high; cerebral and body, with the high cbd content this is absolutely perfect. he was actually able to enjoy the smoking process and the effects after, no para...”

  • “i am the biggest freak when it comes to weed. i wont touch it smell it or smoke it or ill panic and have anxiety and panic attacks. This strain is literally the best to cure it. i am so impressed and feel happy ive found it! seriously if anyone suffers from panic or anxiety attacks i highly recommend this! (no pun intended.) haha. anyways this made me feel relaxed but in such a non anxiety way. taste is good! so awes...”

  • “Shoulders and neck immediately relaxed and felt great after two portions. Slept well but not as well as UW Purple or PHD. Felt cooling sensation around shoulders and neck, smiley and happy. Not necessarily tired feeling but had no problem falling asleep. Had to pack 3x (3x .3 grams).”

  • “I took my wife to Issaquah Cannabis Company for her first trip to an actual LEGAL Marijuana store. She gets anxiety when smoking sometimes and found the high CBD strains really work well for her Well, she loves this strain as do I! It is tasty and goes perfect with a cup of coffee and something mellow. I highly recommend this strain for people looking to seriously chill or beginers who couks freak out on some of th...”

  • “Smooth taste. Brightens you up. Mellows you out. Great for focusing and gaming. Very nice relaxed body without having no feeling in limbs. May make you not hungry.”