Blueberry Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is THE PERFECT medicine for before work. I have an industrial job and it's been hard for me to find something that will ease my pain without getting sleepy. It also makes me laugh at everything. (Even though I'm a seasoned smoker.) THANKS HUMANITY!”

  • “A decent strain which I think is good for the mid point of your day. Weird because it's very smooth on the inhale but suddenly tickles the back of your throat on the exhale. I have mixed opinions about the after effects. Although it made me and my friends geek out and be quite giggly, I also experienced a feeling that made me a little paranoid as I was outside. Would expect it would be a nice chilled smoke if in you...”

  • “I've read a few reviews on this strain. And i just wany to clarify that this strain is notorious for being strong. with a THC level around 26%. Now anyone who has something negative to say just because of the harsh trip they experienced was totally unaware of how good a strain it is. there is beauty in this variant. Very tasty, fruity and has a light earthy Haze taste to it. Now the potential of the high you get is t...”

  • “Started off feeling very high, then somehow learned to use chopsticks within a minute. Smoked a few bongs and Js of it. Save me Jesus!!!”

  • “Okay. The giggles have definitely kicked in. My mum said the funniest thing earlier. I was slow chuckling for a minute , so i ran upstairs cos i felt her staring at me too hard. Im sure the joke wasnt that funny. Even she knew. Anyway. The giggles will kick in slowly. Its not super giggles. Its like multiple chuckles. Very slow chuckles. Even when you're alone. You'll remember something funny in ur head and you will ...”

  • “The distinctive Blueberry flavor mixes with the spicy Haze influence to form something akin to a mixed berry kind bud slushy. Very smooooooth smoke. It's high was a really good mix of both indica and sativa, good head high and a solid body stone as the night progressed. You could say it was the type of weed that would make going to the Post Office a slightly less torturous experience. The one real downside in my opin...”

  • “My favorite. If I had to pick a strain to smoke for the rest of my life that would be it! The finest of the finest. The kind of weed that makes you a better person over all.”

  • “This Blueberry Haze is easily the best strain I've had!! It burns this nice burn and hits you so smoothly. It tastes sweet like blueberries and doesnt leave a bitterness in the back of your throat. Its just so smooth. I smoked it using a pipe and the high is a beautiful head and body sway , know what i mean? Its just so nice. It makes you feel mellow and sweet and happy. I think its my favourite strain so far. I had ...”