Blueberry Headband Reviews

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  • “Blueberry Headband is my strain of choice. I have crippling anxiety and OCD and blueberry headband completely takes away my pains and puts me in a dreamy, pleasurable state of euphoria and mental clarity. For once, I'm not over-thinking and over-analyzing everything. Blueberry Headband is a full body high. Your entire body relaxes and feels at peace. Sometimes my muscles twitch when I'm super stoned on this, but it...”

  • “Im really loving blueberry headband. For me the buzz was uplifting and very soothing. No couch lock for me and functional. The kind of bud that will leave you with an easy going feeling with a smile all day. No brain fog, paranoia, or anxiety for me. Good for newbies but strong enough for vets. All and all the perfect med for my needs.”

  • “That eucalyptus smell with tones of citrus with pine explode out of the jar. Pop the top and pull out one of the biggest nugs I have ever seen extremely hourglass figure small in the middle before twirling and fox-tailing towards the frosty top super loaded trichs glimmer in the light. Pumpkin colored orange hairs/pistols cured correctly the leafs are forest green. Not to dense very fluffy and flaky. I feel very cal...”

  • “Scintillating, full-blown high with that fucking awesome Headband energy becoming a major fun component immediately. Feel like a teenage rebel who's invisible and will live forever! Lots of thrilling, youthful, wide-eyed enjoyment of life. Incredibly upbeat and genuinely happy and cheeery. After a bit, it transitions into a more stoney, sedated - but pleasant and smiley high. Entire body curiously feels like a sti...”

  • “I smoke but, I don't have a high tolerance. The taste is not bad. It's smooth on the inhale. Good burst of energy along with a pleasant pulsing body high...I would definitely not go to thanksgiving dinner with my girlfriends parents after a blunt. But I might choose to wander through Los Santos aimlessly shooting at moving objects, or work on my fantasy football roster for an hour or two. Overall, high energy sativa,...”

  • “Blueberry Headband is definitely a smooth smoke. I felt quite uplifted and happy, and when I did it I was at a small party with about 10 friends. Not everyone smoked but the few of us who did's newfound energy definitely lifted the mood of the party. If I wasn't talking my mouth off, I was lying on my back, happy, thinking, or plopped between my friends joking with them. All the while, I still felt surprisingly clear...”

  • “I got some really good outdoor grown blue berry headband. It has good flavor and smell. it gets me higher then I expect it to get me sometimes. in fact it almost carried my ass into a nice nap earlier. so beware you can get sleepy even if you consume every day.”

  • “Seriously, seriously strong. Comes on fast and hits you hard... gave me a LOT of energy. Makes it hard to just veg on the couch and watch a show.... more like end up playing games on my iPad in some other world and realize an hour just went by but it only felt like minutes. Lets you down easy, though... just don't take it if you plan to go to bed soon... and it mellows out over time. I prefer a couch-lock indic...”