Blueberry Jack Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Great sativa dominant strain for indica lovers. Definitely a favorite hybrid. Ups the appetite as well.”

  • “Bought a gram at AZ Natural Selections of Scottsdale. Incredibly sweet smelling and dark green buds with a piney undertone, very frosty with keef and a dense cone structure. Taste is much more piney than the smell, but still very sweet. High is very heady, incredibly clear and high energy. A nice sativa undertone keeps you from feeling any anxiety. Great for enjoying any activity, would definitely buy more than a gra...”

  • “Jack Herer X DJ Short Blueberry. This is truly one special strain. Blueburrry Jack I got it on with was 20.03%thc, 20.4%CBD. Pretty amazing numbers, rare to have 20%CBD alone, very rare to have +20% on both. Listen, the stank-so-good, irresistible, piney smell of Jack Herer with the fruity berry aroma from Dj Short Blueberry mesh seemlessly. A subtly sweet, piney, dominatently Blueberry flavor, my taste buds were ...”

  • “Bottom line concerning this strain is there is not enough of that classic sativa high for my preferences. May work well for those with social anxiety, because of its clear heady high and not much angst throughout the dosing. I gave this strain 4 stars because of the presentation; one of the best smelling strains out there.”

  • “The taste of this strain was excellent. So far all of the flower I got from AZ Natural Selections has been A1. I will be back soon for the great service and meds.”

  • “The cut I got of this, probably had the highest THC content of any cannabis I've ever tried. They call it "Blueberry" Jack, but the emphasis is "Jack" as it has the best traits of that mythical strain. At first glance, it's pure Jack Herer. But closer inspection shows densely packed buds, just saturated in brown trichrome strands. The aroma is fruity and sexy, the taste is mildly spicy. The last thing you'll taste th...”

  • “This was a very good recommendation from one of the friendly staff of Az National Selections of Peoria. Thanks”

  • “i smoked more than i should have, this strain took me to another planet. be weary first timers.”