Blueberry Lambsbread Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just got 2z of this yesterday. The only gripe i have, is that it reminds me alot of blue dream.. but is that a bad thing?. Medium sized cone shaped nugs, beautiful green with red hairs, and covered in dusty white trich hairs.Smell and taste are coassic blueberry with a lemony/catpissy twist,delicious and very strong.The high hits your head, and almost gave me a green crack type boost at first. Only to have the bluebe...”

  • “These beautiful purple buds were covered in crystals inside and out and full of sweet earthy flavor. Relaxing but uplifting and energizing this strain had my girlfriend and I laughing endlessly. 5/5 for sure.”

  • “Tried the concentrate of this strain. Creative cerebral stimulation coupled with a tingly relaxing body high. Can get quite spacey. Recommended for nausea, appetite, depression, pain and stress”

  • “If you have depression this will uplift you. I find it is still relaxing enough that I can smoke it a few hours before bed and not be too buzzed and awake. It helps alleviate the lows of the depression without causing anxiety associated with other uplifting bud typically the sativas. Really nice all around high. Also very helpful for pain. I wouldn't recommend this unless you are a seasoned smoker as I think it is pr...”

  • “A crowd fav at smoke sessions among friends and I. Hits smooth and tastes fantastic. This stuff is like having a damn good massage therapist and help with aches and pain throughout the day. Also a good evening smoke to unwind from the day.”

  • “Just tried a dab of this from phyto concentrates. Mouth is just watering from the sweet flavour. Very relaxed and hungry instantly”

  • “Jittery, panicky, head high, relaxing, heart race! intense....thoughtful um yea. nice body buzz, definite flow of creativity, and smells amazing.”

  • “just ordered this beautiful strain a couple days ago and all I have to say is, DAMN. this sure brings back some excellent memories. The first thing you smell is blueberries when the package opens,it's almost like getting hit with blueberries. the smoke is soft and has a mild blueberry taste, the lambsbread makes it more tasty. Excellent day time some as it gives you motivation to get your day started. Really helps wi...”