Blueberry Muffins Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I will never forget the time I got a chance to try this amazing strain. I fell in love with it immediately. I love everything about it. The aroma smells just like Blueberries. But until inhaled no one will truly understand why the name is Blueberry Muffins and not just Blueberry. When inhaled it tastes exactly like blueberries and when exhaled it's a warm sweet taste that is exactly like blueberry muffins. The high i...”

  • “Blueberry muffins. What can be said of these blueberry muffins? They tingle. They make me soooo happy. They are a delight to the senses. I wanted to punch someone in the face about 30 minutes ago and now, I don't. The Eagles just fucking scored against the Giants but I'm still euphoric and aroused.”

  • “Don't Confuse With Other BLueberry Strains, This Tastes Exactly Like Blueberry Muffins. Top Shelf .. Strong Blueberry Smell & Very Purple Bud”

  • “Whats not to love about big fat purple buds? Looking perfect no matter grinded or not. Texture is dry, dusty with crystals and definately sticky inside the nugs. Smell extremely floral, hint of berry. The inhale/exhale smell very nice, not the overwhelming fuel smell you get from og strains but rather woody kushy like purple kush and trainwreck. An all day smoke, start your day with blueberry muffins.”

  • “A fantastic “light” indica that gently calms the nerves and the busy mind without being thick or sedating or couch-locky.”

  • “The terpenes on this strain are incredible. Smells exactly like the name. Beautiful looking buds. Smell & look combined make this a great tasting bud; love these new exotic strains. A nice indica body warmth to go along that makes u feel like a fresh out the oven blueberry muffin. Not too much head buzz but this strain will leave you happy; not strong but good for sleep. Good bud for amatuers and connoisseurs a...”

  • “This strain pleasantly surprised me with its strong, super-functional high. I felt relaxed, uplifted, and de-stressed...which gave way to some clarity and unexpected creativity. Super grateful for this truly exemplary indica.”

  • “My new favorite Indica!! Freshly ground, this Afghani/Blueberry blend does indeed give off the warm aroma of blueberry muffins. I recommend vaping this treat to enjoy the full flavor. The effects are fantastic! I'm feelin' incredibly groovy and totally chill, pain gone, stress......what stress were we talking about???? This bad boy isn't too popular yet, but look out it will be!”