Blueberry Pancakes Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I think this strain is probably some of the best smoke I've ever had. Definitely an indica!! Tastes like it's actually a pancake, no joke, it really does. Get it if you get a chance!”

  • “Another tasty strain I've recently discovered at Lake Effect Dispensary in Portage,MI. I like the dense buds and the slow burn when smoking with bowl. The buzz is really good, not very heavy. I felt the effects head to toe. Need to smoke a nice fat joint of it than I'll know fo sho!!!”

  • “One of my favs! Perfect for staying in your pajamas. We put ours in blueberry blunt wraps for super smiles”

  • “This is the strain I prefer to all others for treating my PTSD.”

  • “One of the strongest tasting strains ever strong taste of pancakes and a lovely High to go with it . Great day time indica”

  • “Literally tastes like blueberry pancakes. A perfect indica for a lazy, slow morning.”

  • “one of my favs!”

  • “Vaporized in a Da Buddha at the 1:00 position This is an absolutely delicious tasting weed! The scent is a strongly pleasant blueberry scent. The flavor is light with a hint of vanilla. This is a great strain for stress, depression, body aches and discomfort, PTSD and for putting a stop to a grumpy attitude! I will absolutely seek this one out again and suggest you try it if you have the chance. :)”