Blueberry Silvertip Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Blueberry Silvertip is one of the best strains, if not the best, in Washington when it comes to making you feel relaxed, happy, and very creative. It's grown with the insanely fine and vigilant care that Pioneer Nuggets always delivers. Blueberry Silvertip has a distinctly "Blue" and sweet aroma to it, mixed with a sage/pine scent; it smokes smooth, and tastes very sweet and fruity. Best for when you're having a bad ...”

  • “You are five. Yes, five years old. And you just had a lot of candy. No, no, a BUTTLOAD of candy! And everybody knows what happens to kids on sugar, right? Well, you don’t because you’re five, but you’re about to find out in... 3… 2… 1… The brain has now succumb to the possibilities. The explosion of energy expands from the mind where it travels rapidly down your spine delivering euphoric goodness throughout your bod...”

  • “Amazing high! I had some anxiety and sadness after the election so my husband went and picked this up for me. Took two hits and immediately felt relaxed and happy. Super happy with this strain!”

  • “Upon the first hit, you will be engulfed into a HEAVY head high within seconds, followed by a comfy, relaxing body high about 20-30 minutes in. Very nice high overall. The scent is really unique: primarily a fruity lavender, but with slight musky and earthy undertones. Not very pungent, but a rather mild smell, with the tiniest hints of the kush from one of its parent plants, Montana Silvertip. The flavor is pred...”

  • “Really liked this one. Happy, bubbly and a little relaxed with a great blueberry flavor. Good one for being out and about. It's my favorite day time weed.”

  • “Amazing as it sounds!”

  • “Love this - anxiety gets destroyed with the BBST. Good body effects as well. Lower back pain is reduced by a good margin. Definitely don't plan active stuff or working, though - it's time to chill😎”

  • “I got this from Pioneer Nuggets in Seattle and boy did they do a great job! tastes very sweet, blueberry, and hints of floral. good for all day use. nice 50/50 leaves you relaxed and talkative.”