Boggle Gum Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my favorite strands. Verry unique high. Ultra smooth smoke.”

  • “Maybe I didn't get a good crop, looked REAL good tho so I think it was legit...just not a strain for me...weak and short lasting.”

  • “BoggleGum? The name cracks me up. In all fairness, it's a great strain. I picked some up in San Jose and was stoked because it was Clean Green certified. Bonus! The effect is a great balance between head and body. Your body slows down and your mind become free. Good stuff.”

  • “This was a great strain. made me feel very happy and care-free. I only gave it a 9 because it was a little over-priced. Most of the strains are at Harborside. Be prepared to spend no less than 14/g if you go there.”

  • “Picked up a gram of some Boggle Gum wax. The smell and the flavor were PHENOMENAL! As soon as I cracked the puck half the room smelled, The smell itself is very hard to pinpoint. Slightly citrusy yet also somewhat cheesy with subtle undertones of Kush. The high itself was VERY creative. Going to be my new go to strain if I ever need to write. Overall I give this strain a 4.5/5”

  • “Unfortunate, the nugs looked good but this is a lame strain for me. Packed no punch, held no length and overall a bad purchase.”

  • “Nice mellow peaceful feel to this bud.. Very solid balanced hybrid great smoke for anytime.. For heavy smokers like myself its not my all time favorite because its easy to get used to its effects and the "peak" high you can receive in my opinion although it is a wonderful high is meh. This stuff does wonders for anxiety tho for a sativa heavy strain. I recommend this strain for sure.”

  • “You can find this relaxing delicious smoke at Leaf Lab in San Jose.”