Boysenberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice green look, smells outdoorsy and slightly berry. smoke is smooth and berry tasting. Great in cape form. Mellow body affect, very functional high. Great for productivity or socializing.”

  • “Just smoked 2gs to the cranium....needless to say the name says it all. I feel like a bear with a bag of berries. The smell is so juicy you can taste the buds. I see many dark orange and fire red flakes between the buds as well, which I can only assume is a good thing! Mind and body are calmed. Not the usual headache or pressure build up as I find with most sativa herbs however I do feel a tingle. Not that it's a b...”

  • “1.0g incredibowl x j Copped: Grass Roots SF”

  • “This strain is very satisfying. It helps with my pain as well as my anxiety. A very warning, energetic experience.”

  • “Great berry smell at first sniff, very sweet and inviting. Sweet heavy smoke followed by smooth sweet berry exhale. Had me uplifed, ready to go out and resume my daily tasks without being too high. Great for relaxing movements and anxiety.”

  • “Mellow focused”

  • “Uplifting and stimulating! enjoyed my Boysenberry out of a small bubbler and found it quite nice. No haziness or cloudy-headed feelings, and tastes great too ;3”