Brainwreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great sweet tasting strain. Burns really nice with a great aroma. Nice mellow high, but able to do activities throughout the day”

  • “Im high as giraffe nuts dawg”

  • “I have this strain as a Concentrate(Wax) & I can honestly say it is one of the most consistently level, cerebral & physical, highs I've ever experienced. I believe this is evident in large part due to the 50/50 Hybridization of it's parents' Sativa and Indica Phenotypic characteristics.”

  • “all I can say is simply amazing...... the flavor and high”

  • “This strain delivers a pretty good head high. Pretty smooth and I'm higher than a oak tree right now”

  • “Very trippy, had a great mind Journey. +Creativity”

  • “Mellow high, good for having conversations and getting things done around the house. No paranoia or anxiety as you get with most H/S dominate strains. Perfect for Sunday mornings.”

  • “First off, it is well named! Just 3 hits of vape, and my mind was in a blender. Not as good as Trainwreck for pain but is a pretty good distraction. Perfect about 15 minutes before soaking your pains away in hot water. Music was nice..... when i could pay attention to it ;-)”