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Brooklyn Mango Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Awesome strain. Energetic feeling. also good for the libido. great for depression. smells and tastes great. my new favourite!”

  • “Dr Underground has some dank gear. They use top notch genetics and pick great phenols I've yet to have a bad strain from this place😎”

  • “one of top 5 sativa strains. happy, awake, giggly.”

  • “Delicious tasting, smooth and light smoke. Pungent and sweet. The high is mellow and comes on slow. Perfect for a nice morning vibe.”

  • “Soft texture with a lot of trichomes. Long bright orange hairs covered the bud. Id give it a 7 on the density scale. Smell was very pungent citris and it tasted the same with no extra scents mixed in. Great weed. Very potent. Looks absolutetly amazing too. Dont pass this up for showbud. Blue cheese and raspberry cough are also good for indica fans.”

  • “This is the best strain that I have tried. I absolutely loved it. It tasted wonderfull and it helped me with my symptoms. It took my pain, depression and made me happy. It also gave me energy. Another thing I noticed is that it will arouse you so its good for spending quality time with your loved one. This is a top notch quality strain.”

  • “What a phenomenal Strain. My favourite Sativa with a unique fruity Diesel Smell and Taste. Not the easiest Strain to grow but definitely worth the effort. Perfect for a Day Smoke, very inspiring, euphoric High. Great for socialising Events.”