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Bruce Banner #3 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Strain: Bruce Banner #3 (OG Kush / Strawberry Diesel cross -- Sativa leaning Hybrid) THC: 27.62% CBD: 0.06% Location found: Pure Green Date purchased: 4.20.16 Price: $10.00/g Weight: 1.3g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Amzaballs! The smell right out of the jar was a floral, strawberry zest with a hint of earth in the backdrop. To me, the best of all worlds. The Kush is there but not strong....”

  • “This heavy hitter was a complete surprise. I assumed, because of the name, that it was probably a strain for pain. However when I tried it, I was stoked to feel so pumped and creative. A good one for workin, mixing records or chillin in the sunshine.”

  • “WARNING, CONTAINS : Permagrin, hurting ribs from laughing at funny dumb stuff, going to Taco Bell at 3 in the morning, and Baskin Robins.”

  • “Bruce Banner shatter by Native Roots, Denver C.O. 84% THC Snagged some of this after leaving Rocky Mt N.P. My first impression ... Wow. There wasn't much of a smell but the taste was this sweet diesely-pine or 'kush' that I've grown to love now. As for the high it's like I'm at a circus and there are three guys riding around the inside of my skull on motorbikes. It really packs a punch. This is a strain I'll enjoy...”

  • “As a patient with a very high tolerance significant effect from Cannabis are rare. At the time I was dabbing 1/2g of wax from CA a day. After a single (.05g) dab of Bruce Banner #3 I was hit by a powerful wave of euphoria and joy. Just sitting there on my bed, all alone, about 13 minutes after the dab I starting uncontrollable giggling fits that lasted several minutes. Top shelf for sure. Very powerful, caution to th...”

  • “HULK SMASH!!! This is probably going to be my new favorite. Hits like hulk just smashed your cerebral cortex, then soothes to a nice creative buzz. Gets me up and dancing to whatever music may be on. The flavor is a deep earthy chronic. The smoke is smooth but may get you coughing on exhale. Please get some of this if you like heavy hitting sativas. THC 31.1% CBD .13%”

  • “I have to rate this strain so highly simply because of the rapid and incredibly euphoric effects. Very soon after smoking I could not have tried to stop smiling, laughing and just generally cracking up about everything. Seriously, I laughed until my sides hurt! This was accompanied by a free-flowing wave of creativity....what a treat. I suggest you try this flower if you ever get the chance.”

  • “So quick to melt away the stress and restore a sense or well-being. I love BB3, a lot. I think more people should give it a whirl, and see if you, too, won't cozy up to Bruce.”