BSC Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “There are two things that you must do when you have this. one is wake, the second is bake. this is a great smoke to get you through the day but be careful. the high for this comes out of no where and it doesn't go after your head first like most weed does, if you think its soft just wait 5 minutes, you'll quickly find out why its the Man version of girl scout cookies”

  • “I acquired a gram of BSC in concentrate form, shatter to be exact. Made by Grow 1 State/ Altered State. Potency Analysis: CBD: 0.4% THCA: 90.0% CBDA: 0.3% THC: 3.0% Total: 82.5931% Looks amazing, nice amber color and tastes piny and fruity with every dab. Perfect day time medicine due to its energetic and talkative buzz. Very clean and focused sativa high with a warm and relaxing indica come down. 🌬 As always bew...”

  • “When I heard of Boy Scout cookies I was kinda worried they named it like this just to get hype about a strain that wasn't very good. Boy was I wrong. This is an amazing indica, probably the best I've ever had. Love the relaxing effects this has. Tastes sugary and earthy.”

  • “makes me very relaxed a great bud to smoke after work but not a good bud to smoke if u have a active job like construction all n all good buzz and makes me stress free”

  • “Boy Scout good. This is one of my favorite strains by far! From what I recall, it's GSC x Bubba Kush. Definately has indica undertones, if you're prone to drowsiness be careful, this one could make it tough to function. I'm an indica fan, so this is a great mix of body buzz and euphoric heady feel. I can still form full sentences and think clearly thanks to the GSC too. When I was getting it on the regu...”

  • “This has been a favorite, by far. As a novice smoker (myself) and 'experienced' smoker (my significant other), we both thoroughly enjoyed this hybrid strain, indica dominant. We started out by smoking just a little bit, waited to see what the effects would be, and smoked a bit more. We were laughing and enjoying ourselves immensely. Which was then followed by relaxation and fell into a dreamy sleep. Highly recommend ...”

  • “I have now bought 3 grams of bsc concentrate over the last 2 weeks. This stuff knocked my Dick in the dirt. Taste is ok , kinda woodsy and plant like with a little sweetness. The high is super heavy. 3 or 4 dabs of BSC will help me get to sleep. Only reason it didn't get a 5 is the flavor wasn't insanely terpy .”

  • “Compare to GSC where it slowly starts. This BSC is more of a creep high. I will say its enjoyable whether your playing video games. Out with Friends. Be careful and have a drink with you. 🔥”