Bubblegun Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Strain: Bubble Gun Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid Genetics: Bubblegum x AK47 Notes: Tight, compact nugs with a pleasing lime green color. Smell was sweet and reminiscent of bubblegum mixed with a mild fruity sweetness. Smoke was extremely smooth and pleasant. High starts off extremely euphoric and happy, as well as focused. Body buzz is similar to Blackberry Kush: very warm and tingly, sense of touch is enhanced. Ve...”

  • “Oh the sir, whose coat hung in the Louvre, came down to dinner last night. Bit of a rabble rousers they are! But not quite like the unenjoyable ones they are then. Tanners they are, by trade mum. Tanners. Wot stayin warm bakk'ed in the heat o' thé sun eh? Strong bu't slow mum. Dey of the Bubble gun makers. Strong but slow.”

  • “Good cannabis strain. Really tastes the bubblegum flavor. This strain really makes you creative. I bought 3 grams of this stuff and smoke'd it all with 2 friends and did my entire project for college and later discoverd i made a "B". Thumbs up!”

  • “This particular hybrid strain is a newer out on the market, the genetics are as follows; bubblegum X ak47. The taste is definitely bubblegum, but the munchies come from the ak47. Has a very unique smell to it.”

  • “This strain is really good for people that suffer from insomnia. I used it a lot when I was younger and my head was a mess. When I went to bed back then, I couldn't rest because of all of my thoughts. Bubblegum makes sure you sleep tight. I smoked it 2 hours before bedtime and I was gone when I laid my head to rest.”

  • “Great flavor! not so great high.”

  • “good sweet hit,starts with good focus after a few hours sleepyness takes over,would grow again just for that most amazing smell and taste.”

  • “i liked this strain a lot when i was toking before bed. i would get a little hungry then knock out.”