Bubblicious Reviews

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  • “Awesome strain great for taking away the pain, stress, and tension. Tastes good too and lots of crystals!”

  • “I have 40+ years experience growing and using cannabis, a masters degree in agri/horticulture from MSU and will break each review down as follows from my own personal experience with seeds or clones obtained directly from the original breeders: I obtained seeds directly from Nirvana and although this strain is good in it's own way, I don't think it is anything like the original it is supposed to duplicate, original B...”

  • “Finally! This strain is on Leafly! I suffer from IBS Big time! This stuff is great for pain relief specifically in the abdomen region. it heals more than that but for my purposes it's fantastic for what I suffer. This gets rid of the pain entirely and brings me into another galaxy! Both the medical and the high effects of the high feel as though they are based from the center of the body and work outwards. which wou...”

  • “Just completed a round of Nirvana autoflowers (Bubbleicious, Blueberry Kush, Jock Horror, Northern Lights & Lemon OG Haze) & here is the info for Bubbleicious AF. Grown in CANNA coco with CANNA nutrients (Start, A&B, Zym, Rhizo, PK 13/14, Boost) in 2L airpots. ViparSpectra R900 LED in 4'x2' grow box. •Strain: Nirvana Bubbleicious AF • Height 41" • Wet weight = 348g • Dry weight = 70g • 62 days to finish from seed •...”

  • “Easy to grow and what a great harvest. The crystals on these buds are out of this world. Very good high and taste just like its name. Can't go wrong this strain.”

  • “So far this nirvana seed pack is awesome the buds are forearm size and plentiful. Great smelling plants going to be a yielder for sure. ..LST and topping many big forearm size budz. .growing with our Wonder Woman and Crystal. ..great medicine there can't wait for them to dry but then only a taste till a cure for our meds”

  • “Excellent strain to control seizures . A+++”

  • “This strain is very relaxing! I have anxiety so I've been doing my research before I buy. 1st time trying and would definitely recommend!”