Bugatti OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Kills my dads cancer pain and makes us both feel euphoric. Pure greatness outta San Diego”

  • “If I didn't know better, the word "Bugatti" would be italian(-ish) for "switch that shuts off giving a fu**". You can't live a rich life and worry... You also can't get any kind of inner peace with your mind running in circles. Don't be fooled by her dankness; Bugatti holds sweet mysteries beneath her dense, dusty exterior. And she's so nice, she turns the volume of that inner voice low enough so you can hear what...”

  • “Absolutely stunning. Wasn't sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. Great pain relief, melted away my stress and gave me a feeling of calm-something I have trouble with normally. Didn't mess with my head too much as I was able to focus and cook and clean. That said, this isn't a daytime strain, and is great after a long day when you might have a couple small chore to knock out but are having trouble with the motiva...”

  • “Nice heady buzz which transitions into a mellow body high. Would strongly recommend for sleep trouble.”

  • “Bugatti is FIRE! OMG I could't feel my legs for a min I was numb lol Good stuff and on POINT! Awesome job GSC, On POINT!”

  • “Definetly if you're trying to chill and relax then this is the strain for you.”

  • “This is 1 of the best tasting OG you can grab. The effects are just to die for- from killing pain, to euphoria to just a plain great taste for what you expect in an OG. Got mine from The Desert Rose in AZ 🌄🌅♨️☣☢”

  • “I am a high tolerance flower smoker & It takes something special to get my attention and then provoke a review. Bugatti has done just that. Creative is its first charm. My mind burst in to activity one bowl in. Energy was an unexpected side affect followed by deep bliss and a good appetite. This one's for everyone!! **WARNING, lingering euphoria and chatty attitude last. Hence this review PEACE”