C3PO Reviews

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  • “This strain is great for anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It eases symptoms and gives relaxation without intoxication. Even though it's sativa-dominant, this strain's effects for me were more body related. Although, the relaxed effects on the mind are quite pronounced and worth mentioning. C3PO's flavor is better than many other high CBD varieties, a bit more pungent and "cheesy" than others I've tried. It's probab...”

  • “I am a veteran and I haven't smoked in years was kinda weary of trying it again. Well I came across this strain and thought it would be a good one to start off with. I was sure right. I love this strain. No anxiety, depression and helps out with pain as well. I like how it still allows you to concentrate but when you relax for a second you can feel it crash into you like gentle waves. I had to go get more cause I lik...”

  • “I am allergic to high THC strains and am always in the market for the high CBD, low THC hybrids. So far I have tried this and ACDC. As popular as ACDC is, I preferred C3PO. I have MS and vision problems and this strain seemed to help both without the high. Finding it however has been a problem. I'm going to have to visit Canto Diem as mentioned in the above review to see if they still have it. Hoping this will become...”

  • “C3PO is pretty good strain, its a smooth hitter with good flavor. Their is a slightly noticeable head high but that is after smoking a whole bowl where as with another strain I'd be too the moon. I was extremely relaxed and comfortable, and when it came time to hit the Z's, effortless. Great strain, 4 stars because of the price.”

  • “This strain is really nice if you're interested in a good, medicating CBD strain. Only very slightly heady/"cerebral" (much less than many other cbd strains i've tried particularly harleytsu, nebulaII, and AC/DC.) Dry mouth a little, but also less than some CBD's. Burned a little hot/harsh as a joint imo. Worked for me superbly in dealing with high stress, without hindering my productivity and ability to focus on ta...”

  • “I know that the description says it's a Sativa dominant, but honestly it reminds me more of a Indica. Very Very Relaxing and helped with my muscle issues.”

  • “R2D2 strain like the great companion and loyal friend genetics are unknown. Great cut of OG 4 sure 60/40 indica dominant. Wreaks funky feet and pinesol. Classic British knights sneaker smell ahh ! Enjoyable at night with a full moon. Enjoyed this strain watching Stephen King's "IT" ! "They all float down here" ! Taste is rich pinesol lemony zesty! Medicine helped with lower back pain and sleep.”

  • “nice strain, nice relaxing high”