C4 Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “It gets you pretty ripped. More resistant to powdery mildew than some. A classic looking hybrid with a tendency to form monster colas if unpruned. You can take it as early as 6 weeks sog style, more like 8 weeks on big fuckers. Doesn't like outdoors much. THC 22-25%.”

  • “💚THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITEEEE STRAIN!!! 💚 I can not say enough good things about this strain. It is so smooth and tastes great. It smells citrusy with a tiny pungent smell at the end. It is so good for EVERYTHING! It helps with my anxiety and depression mostly and then secondly it helps with my pain and insomnia. Even though it's Indica Dominate, I don't feel the lock from it. I am still a...”

  • hi2

    “A superior strain. Perfect for winding down in the evening...and you can stay awake. You will be very relaxed...add a dash of euphoria...put on that music....and.....aaahhhhh. Bliss.”

  • “fabulous taste and used huge trichomes👍 great for pain and severe anxiety looks a lot like Margo's Gorilla Glue number 4”

  • “this is a wonderful strain, super uplifting and creative feeling. great for pain”

  • “Fantastic. Not an overwhelming high experience, no matter how much you smoke you never get obliterated - but for anxiety, wake and bake, or any daily activity C4 is supreme! The only downside is that I smoked it so much faster than any other weed I've had because I could literally be high all day and couldn't get enough of the euphoric yet somehow stress free and energetic effects.”

  • “i have CRPD (chronic regional pain disorder) so i am in constant pain from the top of my neck down to my finger tips in my right hand. the pills prescribed to me only help so much but this strain provides some relief on the nerve pain. im not a pot smoker because i get overly paranoid but this strain does bot have that effect on me. the taste is ehhh and the smell is strong. i would definitely recommend to someone wi...”

  • “got this c4 from Pisos in Las Vegas. came from pepperlane cultivator's. High in caryophyllene so it's got a spice but the not too much. the limonene in it calms that spice. The hit was good you can taste that spice. make me cough. the high is a head relaxed and able to focus. in tune. tried it in the bowl and and small joint. loved it. it's very fluffy and moisten​. the smell is nice! pines and lemony!”