Cabbage Patch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Found a new favorite for daytime when some pain kicks in or I'm depressed. It took it's time hitting, but when it hit, I was done. Major high for me - my mind was a little absent, all I could do was giggle and smile... maybe nod here and there. Almost felt like I was in a lucid dream - aware of what was happening... but then not feeling like I'm in my body. Helped with muscle pain, felt like cool gel on my back m...”

  • “great mood and energy boost while still being relaxed. I have never had such relief from my chronic depression in my life! relieves my physical pain as well. 👍”

  • “I am definitely a sativa girl, one reason being that sativa's just smell and taste so much yummier than indica's (IMO... to each his/her own obviously). But honestly, Cabbage Patch smells beyond amazing. Straight up, I every time I get a whiff I legit say "oh my god" out loud to myself. Smells THAT good (again... to me). Smoke is nice and light and tastes like a subdued version of how it smells. Really loving this st...”

  • “Almost done with my first batch of this fun hybrid. I've started the past two days with a couple bong rips and cruised throughout the morning. I was energetic, outgoing, and focused. This was while maintaining my focus and serenity!”

  • “This strain is a spot on hybrid for me. I've been smoking for 7 years and it consistantly takes care of my pain while still giving me that great boost from its Durban poison heritage. Dont be supprised when you see it sold at the clubs topshelf price for its sweet and earthy flavors are worth the value.”

  • “excited body high”

  • “Great smell. Even better tatse. All around great strain!”

  • “Great strain if you need to be productive!”