Cali Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “1 bowl had me in the 7th dimension riding my space camel”

  • “Very nice strain. I found myself watching Quantico the tv show for hours on Hulu. This strain will leave you very relaxed yet not so relaxed to where you get that dreaded "couch lock" effect (although some days I don't mind that lol). It's an earthy taste and smooth on the lungs. I feel like I got more of an Indica for this hybrid in my personal batch and would love to try one that's more Sativa than Incica. The ...”

  • “This is one of my top 3 favorite strains of weed. I first tried it in January, and after that, it instantly became one of my favorites. This particular plant had a smooth feeling to it it doesnt take much to get high off ot it”

  • “Great great weed. You feel the high after 3-4 hits, endives euphoria very well”

  • “Cali Kush lives up to its rep.. Just got home from work, and packed up a bowl of OG. This bud is so nice, with it's golden orange colored trichomes, and a sweet, lemon-citrus-pine aroma that is very deep and complex. As you squeeze and break up the flowers, the scent releases more, and can get quite aromatic, leaving fingers coated with the smell for a long time. Plus, you can't beat the one hit quit potency of Cali ...”

  • “good strain for pain stress and insomnia smells sweet buds are tight making for a good smoke tastes are a sweet nutty taste with earthy after tones great for just sitting back and relaxing before bed or after a long day at work stress and pain melt away”

  • “Just recently tried this for the first time. Five people on half a G blunt and I was gone. Next step, to have a G to myself for a night. I thought ATF was some shit, this is some major shit.”

  • “This is my new favorite strain over a well grown Great white shark. Cali Kush looks like it was dipped in keif”