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Calyx OG

What is Calyx OG?

Calyx OG (also known as Calyx OG #3) is a balanced 50/50 hybrid from Calyx Garden. This strain was bred by crossing Platinum Calyx with True OG, creating a dense flower with a pungent aroma. The terpene profile of Calyx OG is a mixture of citrus and earthy aromas. It offers up over 1% in limonene, nearly half a percent in pinene and humulene, and almost a full percent of caryophyllene. This harmony of terpenes and upwards of 27% THC make for a potent flower in both effect and aroma. Calyx OG has a 60-day flowering cycle and happens to be one of Calyx Garden’s highest yielding strains.  

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Calyx OG Effects and Attributes

Calyx OG Genetics and Grow Info