Canna-Tsu Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I have had this strain from four different dispensaries here in Arizona. It has been consistently good from each time I have tried it. I get a very earthy and woodsy exhale, and a soft mental (clear) euphoria and feel my stress and/or anxiety simply melt away. I suffer from anxiety disorder. I have had my share of anxiety and panic attacks. This stuff, at least for me, has been a much needed relief. I start off with...”

  • “Just tryed this high cbd strain for the first time today for my raging panic attacks and anxiety, and it worked like magic. With all the symptoms from anxiety (shortness of breathe, dizziness/fainting feeling) and the other horrible feelings of anxiety go away from using this strain. It brings a calming, slightly euphoric sensation that can felt throughout the body. It also has helped with my depression. It wouldn't ...”

  • “Honestly this strain is amazing! this was the first CBD dominant flower I have ever tried and it really does take away the pain. for me, I was in a motorcycle accident and now have neuro damage in my spine. This completely removed my pain, for a solid 4 hours straight, and I did not need to use any actual pain killer pills. HIGHLY recommend!”

  • “My absolute go-to for pain relief and insomnia. Due to this strain's incredibly high CBD content (9-12%) and low THC content (6-9%), it's an effective source of pain relief and relief from muscle spasms without many psychological effects. In fact, when I vaporize, I don't notice any psychological effects other than being a little more relaxed and less agitated. This strain is definitely ideal for newer people who mi...”

  • “Just got my card and new to smoking, second strain I tried, this was perfect for my joint pain with very little head high ( I'm a "lightweight" smoker! )”

  • “My version was listed as 10% THC, 12% CBD. Clear headed but stronger than expected. Easy to relax on the couch and let the mind wander - or focus and get in the game - either way no big deal or switch between the two on the fly. Would be a good intro to a newcomer.”

  • “no, you may not get faded off this, but the CBD content helps so much with muscle spasticity and overall pain. recommended to those who truly want to experience a CBD powerhouse.”

  • “Absolutely one of my favorites. I have chronic knee pain and inflammation, this has been the best strain I've had thus far. Great by itself or blended with others! Outstanding.”