Cannadential Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “oh my god my face. oooh man it's punching me in the back of the face, this is some potent medicine. I feel like going outside! I don't fear people's judgement! Hey, this is awesome!...THE SKY IS VAST.”

  • “Can you say perfect? Only thing I like better is white widow but I love this cannadential! 50/50 hybrid is at the top of my list.”

  • “Strong! Four inhales off my vaporizer and my body melted. I just felt good. It helps you sleep if you want to or you can stay up and enjoy it.”

  • “Picked this strain up from The Giving Tree in North Phoenix. What a great smoke! Although your buzz doesn't last real long, it comes on and hits you like Kung Fu! Great for daytime use when you need to get stuff done, go on a hike, or solve all the worlds problems in a matter of minutes! Certainly on my top 5 list!”

  • “Picked up this strain from The Giving Tree in North Phoenix. smelled a little sour and piney. Didn't totally take away my pain, but it made me feel relaxed, calm, and gave me some get up and go. Good daytime strain. Pleasant relaxed buzz, not glue you to the seat. Trying to pack for a move, really needed the get up and go and calming. Very soothing med.”

  • “Supper Fruity, starts out sativa but ends with indica. definitely a bedtime bud. The High was quick to onset and rather intense, but after about 10 minutes the "growing" high subsided. the overall high lasted for about 30 minutes and it would be safe to say that the sativa side contributed to that portion of the high and that the Indica brought up the rear. feel incredibly sleepy, like there was sand in my eyes. grea...”

  • “I really enjoyed smoking on this cannadential. The bud was so pretty I almost didn't want to break it up! It released a pungent fruity smell when I was breaking it up. There was a fruity aftertaste left on my tongue once I exhaled. The high was very mellow and relaxing. It gave me a calm, worry free feeling and was good to smoke on before bed.”

  • “This is truly a wonderful smoke. It holds many medicinal properties, giving it the perfect marijuana for those who are in chronic pain, but also provides a stellar stone for recreational smokers. This has become one of my classic favorites. It simply puts me in a dreamlike state where I ten to lose time, and most certainly lose loads of pain. I had to take off from work today for I was very nauseated this morning. No...”